Time capsule stick - Voltech VSHG

Hey guys,

So I’ve been out of the game for a while and decided share a goodie that has been tucked away and boxed up since 2011.

I was a part of the Round 2 group for the Voltech VSGH. I ordered Sanwa parts and had them sent directly to Jesse. I forget who he was working with at the time to do the wiring, but the wiring portion never happened. I believe I decided to wait instead for a better PCB.

So today, I am cleaning out my garage and look what I found:



Beautiful woodwork by Jesse. Not sure if he called this Tiger Maple:






Here’s my Sega VSHG that has been tucked away as well. Plan was for @Gummo to replace the PCB on this one.


Original and Awesome custom replica side by side:





Pretty wood again:




All three of my fightsticks:

I almost considered selling my Voltech VSHG but decided not to. Jesse’s craftsmanship is amazing. It’s a shame he is no longer making these and I know they have been become sought after. I’ll wait it out and see what ps4\xbox1 pcb’s come out in the coming year and get it wired up. Whats another year of waiting?

Very nice, looks classy.

Well I’m still around if you still need me.

I remember when he made those, I couldn’t afford one at the time and really wanted one. Nice to see you still have one, looks really nice.

The wooden side panels r pretty dope. Beautiful stick

Thanks guys.

Yeah man, I’ll hit you up soon.

That stick is pretty sharp looking, I love the clean lines, it looks like something that was designed by Jonathan Ive!

Damn, makes me with that Jesse was still active. Those were some beautiful cases.

J-ride, I kinda agree. Since I already had the original black Sega VSHG, I wanted something opposite, but simple and clean. No fan art, just solid white. I do remember that I ordered either a light Gray or a White dust cover to replace the black one.

d3v, I too wish he was still active. I remember he mentioned he had some legal issues and decided to stop making these since they were not worth the hassle. Anyone still keep in contact with him?

I really wanted one back when they were being made, but in hindsight I am actually pretty glad I didn’t go for it. VSHG’s are a dime a dozen in Japan and frankly a lot of what makes it such a good stick is the button + stick placement relative to the edge of the chassis. I remember Voltech saying that he did have a 1:1 template for the VSHG’s but he had stopped making sticks at that point.

It would have been nice to have a metal VSHG with the original panel layout, but as I’ve discovered even Vewlix layout can be awesome if the placement allows you to rest your wrists on the edge of the chassis instead of on the panel.

I actually almost ordered the button placement to be closer to the edge of the chassis, but decided I wanted more space to rest my palm.

I find the layout on the original VSHG and VLX sticks really comfortable. The old HRAPs were like this too.

Ugh. This dude ran off with my money…

Such a beautiful stick. I was planning on ordering one, even had a pretty lengthy phone call with Jesse at one point about it, but then he just vanished.

Man, that warms my heart to see someone else that still has a VAS-HG. I have two and will never get rid of them as long as I can help it

Damn, that sucks. Did you file a report through paypal or whoever you used to pay him?

I saw that he stopped making these around 2012, started to take orders 2013, and vanished again. Any SRK members personal friends with him?

I haven’t heard from him in a while. I know between the VAS-22 run and the SS cases he did run into some problems and dropped off the scene. Tis a shame. The cases were very well done, and the choice of wood side plates were top notch. The work he pulled off on my plywood stick was better than I could have hoped for


that top stick is really nice!

That was one of the super low run of stainless steel cases he made. The entire frame was stainless steel, not the wood/PCV material ised in the other VAS-HGs. The wood on that one is some rare Hawaiian Koa that he had stashed for one of his own projects, but he shared it with me

I have a VAS-22 that I have not built yet.
No powdercoat or protectant either.

I hope it not rusted.
I’ll post it when I take it out.