Time capsule stick - Voltech VSHG

It would have to take a lot for me to sell my vas22 and vas hg. I wished I had bought one of those stainless steel ones when I had the chance.

pics plz.



The stainless steel one is quite pretty, I tell you. I remember chatting with him about it when he was just thinking about doing a limited run of them. I got talked into ordering one, and I really don’t regret it. I may get around to redoing the art one day, but I really like the minimalist look of the Net City template that d3v did (and I borrowed with his permission first)

Wow very very nice @STEZO_ONE !

This is the only stick I regret ever selling!

that looks amazing. Great colors!

How hard is it to replace the art? I regret not having bought one when he was still making them.

About the same as any stick, really.

As do I.

I regret not getting many of the nice case-builders to build me a stick back when they were making them. I ended up going the route of making my own casings for myself, and while much more gratifying of a process, they don’t look nearly as nice in terms of a finished product as those like Voltech’s or Nitewalker’s.

Some fine examples of Voltech’s work. I hope he gets his act together…

This thread is gold.

I keep checking back to see if more people post pics of their voltechs. Spenzalli is the only person with a stainless steel one. Totally forgot they even existed until this thread.

I want to say there were at least 5 stainless steel case orders if I remember correctly. The cost of fabricating them caused him to call another run off if memory serves (though I think he was trying to figure out another way to do them cheaper, but between that and the VAS-22 run I think it broke him).

Time for more beauty shots. While my SS case will remain a collector’s item/work of art for sure, I think my OG VAS-HG holds a more special place in my heart, as it’s hard to get any classier looking plywood:


And a few of the stainless steel one:


And you got the case for it…damn you.

Nah, I made the case for it. I saw how it was done and started making one myself. Basically, it’s a tool case you can get from Lowes, Home Depot, or any other home improvement store. The bedding and felt can be purchased from Jo-Ann Fabrics or any other such store. At the bare minimum, but the foam/padding/bedding to fit in the case, then cut the fabric to fit and use spray adhesive to seal. If you have someone good with a sewing machine, that would be neater, but the spray adhesive works pretty well.

If you notice, I didn’t finish the top of the case in that shot. Still have the material, but didn’t get around to finishing the case. All in, you could do it yourself for <$60, even having it sewen…