Time for some Warzard love!

So now that the cpsIII emu is available, everyone can finally try and play this hard to find game.

It’s a lot better than what I thought, pretty limited for vs play due to lack of playable characters, but it has the best single player mode ever and graphics are really good. Backgrounds look all nice (some are quite gorgeous) with some destructable stuff here and there, and sprite detail and coloring is amazing, with animation so good that only SF3 surpasses it (and maybe Jojo, but JoJo is unconsistent as far as animation quality goes). CFJ renditions of Warzard characters were quite bad compared to the cps3 eye-candy.
The level up system is interesting, it’s nice to see how you get new moves, how Leo gets new swords and shields which change his sprite; enemies also become stronger as your level rises (that’s not effected by difficulty level itself) so that they start doing new moves as well - this keeps replay value really good.
I just found a second ending with Leo - so the game has multiple endings. I continued in both cases, so that’s not what triggers the different ending. Maybe it’s the character level? Are there more than 2 endings per character?
Also finishing moves look cool, slicing enemies in half with Leo never gets old

This game needs soo much documentation!

I didn’t really try vs play aside from a couple of matches with lv 1 characters still not knowing anything. I don’t think it’s tournament worthy due to the extremely small selectable roster, but it would be nice if it’s somewhat balanced - you know, kicking in a Warzard mini side-tournament in bigger events could be fun if vs play turns out to be interesting/fun

Thanks for the heads up. Just wanted you to know somebody cares just in case the thread gets closed.

i was mostly interested in seeing how the martial arts chick played since she was never in any other capcom fighter like the rest of the cast but then i found out shes just a shoto [i never got past level 10 of course] with panty shots every other frame

kinda kool

i fucking love the graphics though. the animation quality on the multi-sword relic boss is amazing.

Awesome! I hope to finally play this one someday, especially when kawaks catches up to the recent CPS-3 emu stuff.

(No i have not checked on them yet. I’m going to wait a while till the rest of the bugs are ironed out, and CPS3 becomes as simple to run as CPS2.)

well it already is but ok

I can’t run it on my computer it gives me a " Unable to find appropriate zbuffer format" and “Unable to initialize video subsystem” on that Nebula Elsemi CPS3 Emulator!

I can run it on my bro’s laptop, but not on my older comp, and i don’t want to use my bro’s laptop :sad:

Gi Gi is like the coolest boss I seen :bgrin:

ok nothing is better than mashing on character code and somehow getting max level

mailing gets a fucking airdash that can do damage, thats awesome

Requesting fatality conditions GOGOGOGOGOGO.

Also extra ending conditions if possible (and of course other discoveries).

I know that Leo can slice enemies in half by winning with his dp+p move
Maybe qcf+p works too if it’s the last hit that kills the opponent, but I’m not sure about this. I love the “how that monster was inside” details.
Remember to set Violence Mode to “normal” in the test menu, otherwise the game gets censored thus no blood and no “fatalities”

I’d like to understand the experience requirements for levelling up, too. I reached level 20 with Leo, but every level takes longer to reach - I suspect that the latter levels might take more than a full playthrough, at this pace.

I’m confused by some of the comments describing this game. Is this a 2v2 fighting game or a beat-em up(ala FF) or a combination of both?

It’s 2D fighter when it comes to user interaction, but it’s modeled more for the single player experience. You level up your character and earn new moves throughout the game.

it’s a 1 on 1 fighting game, with 4 selectable characters and 8 monsters to defeat that can conceptually resemble scrolling beat’em up bosses (but you fight them like every 1 on 1 fighting game).
What’s the standard score points in other fighting games doubles as exp. points in this game that make you level up and gain new strenghts, resistences, and moves. Anytime you lose or you complete the game you get a password that relates to your current experience and you can use to start a new game from the last level you reached.

This is one of those few times I wish I didn’t have a Mac… :sad:

that is awesome,Mai Ling should have been on a Capcom vs. by now.

Thanks for the info. I was wondering why that didn’t do it.

What about the heart ripping sequences? Are those Kenji only, or is there something I’m missing?

Oh man I gotta try this. Will be interesting to play a 1vs1 fighting game that is geared towards single play (are there any others?)

Parallels 2.X supports everything but native 3D and the new Parallels 3.0as well as VMWare fusion support already like 40% of software requiring 3D, with some acceleration. Seriously it’s months until virtualization solves all the remaining compatibility issues on mac.

To give a simple example, I play EFZ with netplay on my mac as well as a little emulation and all are perfectly running though they aren’t meant for macs in the first place

Only Mukuro can do that, as far as I know.

Damn, I really wanna try this game.

What’s keeping you from doing so?

All of them can do a Kill move. Some are just cutting them in half. Kenji can cut in half his opponent, and ripped their heart out.