Time for Telly Vision: The Video Thread


Post and discuss any interesting Smash videos you can find here. Matches, combo videos, Smash 4, Melee, Project M, Smash Flash; as long as it’s Smash related, anything is fair game.

Unless it’s Crusade.

Starting off with a Smash 4 and a PM match from Tourney Locator.

Smash 4 Videos



Project M Videos




Looks at Section title, sees OP videos

Hmm… One of these things is not like the others…


There are only two videos, so both of them qualify as not being like the other.




Found this on the front page


This guy has been a reliable sorce of info for quite some time. I would keep an eye on him




^ That attention to detail…I LOVE the fact that they included that aspect of Megaman’s movement in the game even though they didn’t have too.


Agree completely.






Nairo is nuts. As I expected he would be with a “top tier”…



Who wants some high level Pac-Man

Also will pot split for Wario videos






sonic player didn’t catch on that bowjr player always did jump uair after cart on shield? well he got 1 punish out of like 6 so i guess lol.

that vid didn’t show me anything special about the char, i think bowjr is pretty limited to just doing side b almost exclusively. if he gets space to set up down b then cool, he can have a grab opportunity, but in mid/close range i feel he is just super limited. Up B is also a good move that he’s not using too much but at the same time Up B doesn’t let you set down b out either so i don’t even know.

also that guy didn’t have the good bowjr combos. at 20% and below you should be hitconfirming car into jump dair, into a followup after the dair after you bring them to the ground with it. very damaging and pretty reliable.


this video made me excited for training my peach amiibo, but i heard amiibos dont learn combos lol


Online tourney: http://www.twitch.tv/edmontongamers

Can win a Diddy or Mac amiibo. I was too late in joining.


Clash Tournaments invitational pool starting now: http://www.twitch.tv/clashtournaments



A video of my own creation, detailing Bowser Jr tech

Enjoy my whiteass bitchass manly voice



Lol @ 3:25


Mac death combo by ZeRo


Love to see someone pull this off in a real match.

He’s not the one who discovered this. Source: https://vine.co/v/OHWZg1lTFOu


I remember seeing this in gif form I think in the main thread