Time for Telly Vision: The Video Thread


Hey guys, don’t know if any one has seen the ledge dash in SSB4 yet but here’s my vid going through and discussing it’s use.




Sethlon and Lunchables do Winners’ Finals in All-Star and Turbo Mode on the “wackier” stages and everyone has a great time.




what does turbo do


You can cancel any move into any other move that’s not itself.


didn’t see that at all in the first few stocks, so i was confused


For your pleasure.


They mention something in the third video about the lack of matchup knowledge that most people have as it pertains to WFT. The one thing that WFT players have is the mild element of surprise. In each of these videos, when WFT hits the last hit of her pummel and the opponent is buried, everything stops. The opponent had zero clue that it would happen, and they get caught off guard. It’s hilarious to me…

Now for a first, someone switches from Diddy for WFT…


A request…

Could you guys please avoid posting matches featuring that goddamn monkey, or at least matches where the goddamn monkey struggles or is beaten?

Because watching Shitty Kong dropkick and grab all day is not a match we need to see more than once.


The best ones all included him…


If Diddy ain’t getting bopped*(and not by another Diddy)*, it is the best of NOTHING.


Yo Ganon ulllllll…




abadango was known for his wario back in brawl, and his twitter is something along the lines of abadangowario, so it’s nice to see him go to wario for the sheik matchup. vinnie goes to his alt character after losing with sheik, and some stuff happens.


this is what happens when abadango goes up against one of the best sheiks (top 2 in all likelihood) in the world



good peach. that japanese smash channel recently uploaded their latest tourney to youtube, so check it out.



japanese peach “kie”. maybe same player as above, this time going close with a diddy.


Man, SRK is just shitting on Youtube embeds lately…

Do you have a direct link?


oh wow, didn’t pay attention.

kie peach v harvest diddy

also a lot of recent footage of Brood - one of the best olimars in brawl, he uses Duck Hunt now, a character that many have abandoned

brood v abadango pac : www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bZAGYv6-uM
brood v choco zss: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz-2Ss7vG3c
brood v octo sonic: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDGjyTE4MKc

you can find more at their channel, "SHI-G"


Learned some new tricks in this G&W vid:


I didn’t realize Chef was useful for gimps.


A harbinger of what’s to come.



Nigga, you really gonna waste everyone’s time on some stupid shit like that?

I’ll save everyone the trouble- ITS JUST GESPENST BEING A HATER AGAIN…