Time for that annoying Chinese Pop star

Okay, basically that Athena section in the boards is a joke, long time ago I tried to start something, but it was just turned into a cr. fierce argument.

Anyways, I’ll start it. Later I’ll get up my archive computer and pull out my Athena FAQ I made but never finished.

Her best undoubted poke is her Cr. Fierce.

Her jab FB is slow, and fat, really annoying.

If your close to your opponent, fucking standing strong, it has insane +frames.

RC’ing her cmd grab is okay, I remember someone telling me it doesn’t add too much length though.

What I really need though is groove specific stuff.

I only have A, and N right now, but still those are welcomed, as I need to expand my FAQ, and so I can finish and post it up on the Wiki.

I dont see much of a point of playing her in any groove besides A,N,and S. Gains nothing from C (besides airblock). Nothing much from K, she needs roll (I think) and rage doesnt help her too much (think Vice). P is just like K cept with parry.

S - infinite SCB’s. Can be annoying. Dodge punch knocks down, good reach, and fast

A - easy easy easy custom off cmd grab. decent damage, decent battery.

N - run, roll, stored super, low jump. I say N is her best groove but she does better in A because A is just a better groove overall.

I’d help but I haven’t used her competitively in over 2 years. :sad:

She can link most of her normals after close st strong. If you want a knock down, do st strong, cr rh xx command grab (to recover quicker). From there you can go for cross up air qcb+mk.

She can combo cr lk x 3 into cr fierce.

Tiger knee qcb+lk is really good for building meter.

She has a decent corner trap revolving around meaty fireballs after knocking down with an uppercut. You’ll rarely get the opportunity though.

She’s Chinese???

Here’s a gimmick: do a lvl3 hcbx2 super and make sure the (fat and tall) opponent blocks. That’s gotta be the most block damage ever (excluding a-sak)

Yeah, in KoF she’s team China. And she wears red, she’s a communist.

j.d.mk is pretty good and pretty safe
s.lk and the two hit s.mk are both good too.

athena is really underrated. good normals and block strings, good rc’s. a athena is the best imo. her damage output off of the command grab is insane.

outside of a, use her level 3 crystal flash super in the corner to chip. does way too much. sorry i don’t have much to add but i don’t really use her all that much.

One of my friend plays S Athena, and this has been bothering me and him for a while and its…

Does Athena have any real Bnb combos? Or is she just a c.HP whore?

I think it’s jab short jabXXdp

Having combos doesn’t necessarily compute to a good or bad character. (Vega)

What are some of her bad matchups, and what is her worst? Anyway I read somewhere that she was good against Bison. If she’s good against Bison (my main problem) then I am very interested to see where this thread goes…

And yeah, the Character Specific section for Athena is pretty funny in a sad way…lets keep this thread going!

this is her only combo that i kno works on most people:

other then that i know theres a combo that goes into her dp.fierce but I don’t remember it, so i could be wrong so don’t quote me on it but try c.short, s.forward xx dp.fierce

She has most trouble with almost all of the top tiers. I haven’t played her in awhile and just started to play her again. She’s really fun and she wrecks on people who aren’t that good of players.

Lol i wasnt saying that, its just everywhere i go with Athena vids and stuff theres not alot of combos so i am very curious is all. Thanks CMX and LG for the tips though might give it a try sometime and see.

On that note i was using K Athena the other day, and it totally does wreck havoc on people who dont expect it with Teleport mixups and stuff like that…but it seems once she is figure out, she tends to fail…she just doesnt seem that solid in that sense, very annoying but nothing really strong…

i personally dont see what makes her better than Bison …especially A Bison with meter. Her movesets and RCs dont seem that awesome to me really, her best is probably RC Fireball or Teleport…since someone said her RC Grab was kinda lacking, and those RCs arent really anything another character can do nor any more specialier…

I do know in many occasions that if you JD her c.hp that you cant really retailate with anything since it recovers so fast…and i venture to say that its better than Sagat’s c.hp as a move if Sagat cant super cancel off of it. Her small hop rh is very good though i say, angle and range.

Another question, in S Athena, if you corner them and do ground SCB, can you recover from throwing the orb fast enough to keep them trapped in the corner…? Not the most practical thing but, i am curious again haha.

With S Athena corner trap SCB, I’m not pretty sure you can “trap” them, but more like scare them shitless into not moving.

Her best combo is cr short st jab xx psycho sword (dp). I think its universal.

Anyone else have anything to add. Tomorrow at school, I’m going to write up something for the Athena Wiki. Add what you have by tonight at midnight or it wont get into the wiki entry by me!

Is crouching fierce an “anti-air” for everything, or are there certain jump moves that can hit her during the move? Can Vega’s j.fierce hit her? Hibiki could probably hit her but I haven’t tested anything.

Moves that have that downward angle will most likely beat it. Terry’s j fierce, Hibikis j rh, maybe Sagats j rh.

I thought it was pretty much cr. fierce or standing strong was AA