Time for the first tournament

I know basics, have done the research, and am now beginning the training steps to improve my gameplay. I signed up for a little local tournament next week and I am curious; when going to a tournament for the first time what should I know that will help me out?

Any input would be appreciated!

Well, I don’t know your skill level at all. But general tips are:

-Don’t scrub out and mash srk/Ultra.
-Anti-air consistenly.
-Back dash out of danger, but don’t abuse it too much.
-If you know option selects, be sure to practice them constantly til the tourney day.
-Try to get someone to record your gameplay so you can watch it again or have other peeps critique you.
-Since this is your first tourney, you are most likely an underdog. Don’t be scared to play your best; you’re not expected to win in the first place. So just play like you do with your friends/in training mode. :smiley:

-Don’t use a wireless controller unless you take the battery out.
-have your own controller/stick appropiate to the system, while one can often borrow one, try not too :slight_smile:
-make sure you’re clear on the tourneys rules(format/how many rounds/how many matches/character switching yes no etc.)
-remember to have a good time :slight_smile:

Do a button check before the match! My friend did not check his buttons before his match and got pretty screwed while playing.

Sanford Kelly vs Gamerbee

Make sure you play casuals before the tournament match. Warm yourself up. One of the biggest mistakes I made at ECT2 was not warming up at all. Similar situation also arised @ Evo. Only difference was there were no casual stations set up and just about everyone who had to play in the AM pools were going straight to their matches cold. Until our crew set up two casual stations in the back as fast as we could.

Why not?

Why not?

Because the power button can accidentally be pressed (like the PS3) and interrupt someone else’s game. I saw this firsthand at EVO with a guy in my pool.

I thought there were sync stations to sync your pad to after your match?

I wasn’t referencing that instance but yes that was also a shame :shake:

My friend just plugged his stick in at a local tournament and just played the match without checkin buttons. He was playing c. viper, thats hard enough let alone trying to figure out what buttons are what mid match.

This also isn’t the place for this.

Don’t hit start during ultras… pausing mid match = just dumb.
If someone offers advice, listen don’t blow them off.
Expect to be bodied and/or go 2 and out - If you make it further good for you. The first tourney can be a very humbling experience. (I had to play Arturo in my first ever tournament match…) Use the beating you take as fuel to get better. Learn from it. After your match many players will often tell you what you could’ve should have done. This goes back to my 2nd one.

Almost forgot… This might seem like a no brainer but… take a shower and wear deodorant, when its a room full of dudes it gets hot. Doesn’t matter how well their AC works.

Be very patient and cautious

Thanks for the insight, and thanks for the forum move, sorry about that.

Anything else, all these little bits of advice definitely help!

Try to relax and not become nervous. Every tournament I’ve been to I get mad nervous for the first match or so and play terrible but then I manage to calm down and realize that it’s just street fighter and play a lot better after that. Remember, it’s just a game, you play it at home or wherever all the time and a tournament setting is not that different.

2 days left!