Time is up pre-evo ctf mvc2 results

1st-Justin Wong
2nd-Ricky Ortiz-msp
3rd-Michael “infinite” Williams-mag/cable/sent-a
4th-Josh Wigfall-msp,mss-a

5th-Erik “GET HYPE” Arroyo-storm/sent/commando
5th-Lincoln Morris-msp,mss-a


-jusitn enters yayyyy^_^
-winners finals justin vs ricky 3-0 justin ricky forfeits
-loser finals infinite vs ricky 3-2 ricky
-grand finals ricky vs jusitn 4-0 justin split
-erik loses to his demon lincoln in winners
-random james house takes top 3.
-no philly
-no rumble fish
-thanks to everyone who came out and good luck at evo.

Somebody please tell me how to beat random :confused:. Somebody anybody ?

no tekken 5 either…

Commy’s vids from this up here:

LMFAO!!!1 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You can’t stop random…its impossible

lol hahaha

I think you named my vids wrong

  1. I didn’t use scrub against Mike
  2. I never use pink storm/commando
  3. it was 2-1 mike and I used storm/sent./cyke