Time Killers vs. Street Fighter The Movie: The Game

Which game is worse?

A buddy of mine and I have a bit of a bet going on. I won’t mention who took which side just for the sake of accurate results.

Go ahead and vote!

u shouldnt be posting vs threads

I bet no VS threads.

This thread is worse than either game. It goes:

SF:TM:TG>Time Killers>This thread

LOL '09 members…

looks at join date

Hey, wait…

He’s only got 6 posts…

I’ve got 1800+ and I joined in June.

Oh, and I voted, just to keep it on topic here.

Is that something to be proud of? :confused:

Yo, let SRK decide everything for you. And no you shouldn’t wrap it up. Go pink diving raw.

Then what does that say about you?

That’s fucked up

hahaha shit

I’ve got just over 1600 and I joined before SFIV was announced. Either most of your posts are “lol”, or “rofl”, or “:rofl:”, or you have a loooooot of time on your hands.

I don’t know what the OP is talking about. Street Fighter: The Movie is brilliant in all its forms.