Time Killers!!

Rancid - A streetwise punk, framed for murder. He is from New Chicago in 2024 AD and carries a chainsaw. His ‘X’ shaped scar is from a battle he had with a man who was behind the X murders, which Rancid was being accused of. He managed to kill the man before disappearing. With this in mind, it is possible his backstory was somewhat inspired from Charles Manson, who had carved a swastika into his forehead with a knife.

Orion - A space hero of sorts who was supposedly grown in a test tube and loves riding in the vastness of space in the future period of A.D. 2885. He became a fugitive after escaping from police out of fear when he tried to report an alien attack that left no traces of evidence and now journeys to locate the aliens responsible. He fights with an electric sabre.

Thugg - A large, very powerful prehistoric caveman who wields a stone axe, having emerged from beyond “The Edge”. He led a fierce and bloody battle against a reptilian alien race known as the Troglodytes, who were harvesting humans as cattle for food and slavery.

Lord Wlf - A heroic knight from the medieval ages. His family was murdered by Count Morbid, who tried to conquer England before he was destroyed by Wlf. He is supposedly based on King Arthur, even hailing from Camelot, England and wields the legendary sword known as Excalibur.

Leif - An adventurous Viking who carries a large battle axe. He was a constant thorn in the side of the mysterious and undead legions of the Black Army, led by Black Thorn, who aspired to take over the world. It is most likely that he is based on Leif Erikson.

Musashi - A samurai who fights with a sword. Musashi is a brilliant strategist and the finest general in Japan who lost his once-undefeated army to a horrifying dragon. Musashi himself was protected by the dragon’s scale he wore and traveled for many years to find it and avenge his loss. Supposedly based on Miyamoto Musashi.

Mantazz - A mutant creature, resembling a praying mantis in appearance. She is the queen (as is implied in her background story) of a race of unknown origin from the far-off future of 4002 AD. Having overwhelmed an entire area and spreading quickly, these creatures wanted nothing but to cause death and destruction to humankind; after a fearsome war and the disappearance of their queen, both races managed to coexist peacefully. She fights with her razor claws.

Matrix - A female soldier from the future time of 3297 AD with a bionic arm in place of a limb she lost in a battle, giving her the ability to tap into the commands of cybernetic foes as a result. She uses a sword made of plasma as her weapon. In her period, all of the robots went mysteriously berserk and began to massacre humankind. She managed to defeat the Master Drone, but vanished shortly after her victory.

TIER LIST------------
Top Tier- Rancid, Thugg, Leif
Mid Tier- Mantazz, Musashi, Orion, Matrix.
Low Tier- Lord Wulf.

Frame data. Can’t find any information, guess I’ll have to keep looking.

Wow. That game is hot garbage. I’m amazed that someone actually took the effort to dig into the characters and tier them. Props.