"TIME LIMIT #1" - Eatonton, GA - SSFIV + More - DATE: TBA 2 day Tournament

Hey guys. Let me introduce myself. I’m Avidist. Been out of Fighting Game Tournaments for 4 years since my last Super Smash Bros. Melee Tourney. Getting back into SFIV, so here we go!

What: “TIME LIMIT #1” (SSFIV - PS3)

When: TBA for May/June definitely will be on a Friday/Saturday.

Where: Eatonton, GA @ First United Methodist Church Youth Hall - Mapquest Link!
Why:** To host a tournament, To have fun, and to meet as many SE/EC players as I can!

I would love to have Capcom vs SNK 2 at this tournament, the only issue is; that I have the game for DC, and I don’t know anyone else in the area who has it. If enough people volunteer to bring DC’s and a copy of the game, we can have CvS2 at this tournament. I also want to have more games here, and that is why the poll is here. Please vote and let me know which PS3 fighter you want to have. Also, please do not vote unless you intend to come to this tournament. If I left a game out, please let me know so I can add it to the poll.


“Please be respectful and considerate to others. Do not distract players, basically normal tournament conduct applies, and of course everything prohibited by law is prohibited in the tournament.” -Chillin

Venue Info and Rules (PLEASE READ):

Basically this tournament will be held in a church “Youth Center” building. The tournament has nothing to do with church, or religion. It’s only being held in the youth center of a church (separate from the actual church) because I used to go to high school with the current youth pastor. So no worries if church would make you uncomfortable. The building’s got one HUGE room that will be full of TV’s, a kitchen for a “snack” bar area, and another 2 large rooms that will have other games hooked up that can have side tournaments, etc.


Cold Canned Drinks and other snacks will be available on site.

Canned Drink - $.50
Candy Bar - $.75
Chips - $.50
And so on…

Location (City) Info:

Eatonton is a small city about an hour (give or take 15 minutes) south of Atlanta, on I-20. There is a Wal-mart with a Subway, a Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Zaxby’s, Huddle House (open 24/7) and McDonald’s to eat at. There’s an Ingles Grocery Store. There are a couple Hotels/Motels for cheap. If you need some more info, let me know.

Western Motel of Eatonton - (706) 485-1100
Budget Inn - (706) 485-2871

Entrance Fees/Prize Pool Split

DISCOUNTS CAN APPLY! Please see the “Discounts” section at the bottom of the page for details!

Out Of State (or country) Bonus (OOS) - $.50 from each entrance fee will be separated out. This will go into a separate pot (for each individual tournament) If the place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) of said tournament came from out of state (not GA) they will get the initial prize for that place + the OOS Bonus. So, if you’re from OOS, and you get 2nd place, you will get your prize, PLUS the full OOS Bonus. If 2 people from OOS get say, 1st and 3rd, the OOS Bonus will be split 50/50 and 33/33/33 is all 3 top spots are OOS. THIS APPLIES TO ALL TOURNAMENTS.

Team Tournament Clause - A team has to have at least 2 members from OOS to qualify for the OOS Bonus.

SSFIV Singles - $8
SSFIV Teams (3v3) - $26 ($8 each)
Other Games - $5

SSFIV Singles -
1st - 60%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 15%

SSFIV Teams(3v3) -
1st - 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%

Other Tournaments -
1st - 75%
2nd -25%

I can’t stress this enough people. Haven’t decided if WIRELESS will be allowed yet, I guess we’ll need to see how many people show an interest.

Help out and bring equipment!

Please see the Discounts section at the bottom of this page for information on bonuses if you are to bring equipment!

Schedule (times tentative, subject to change) (dates tba):

Day 0 (Most likely going to be a Thursday)

9pm-10pm - Set-up
10pm-11:30pm - Pre-Reg, Friendlies.

Day 1 (SSFIV Teams, Extra Game Tourney) (Most likely a Friday)

8am-8:30am - Registration and Quiet Friendlies(I can’t stress this enough, let’s keep the noise down to a minimum).
8:30am-9am - Bracket Setup
9:15am-1pm - Teams Tournament
1pm-2:30pm - Lunch
2:45pm On - Finishing Teams - If there is time left over until the next tourney starts, we’ll have a break for friendlies, snacks, ect.
6pm - Extra Game Tourneys Start, possibly later if SSFIV Teams is not over.
11pm - Day 1 Ends, gotta be out of the building by 11pm.

Day 2: (Most likely a Saturday)

8am-8:30am - Registration and Quite Friendlies.
8:30am-9am - Bracket Setup.
9:15am-1pm - Singles Tournament.
1pm-2:15pm - Lunch.
2:30pm-? - Finish Singles Tournament.

Everyone is welcome to stay until around 11pm on Day 2, after which I’m thinking about throwing an “After-Tournament Party” but all those plans will be announced later.




You can post in this thread (or in another version of this thread found on other websites) if you would like to pre-register. Pre-registering just gets you on the list and says you’re gonna be here. If you can’t show, it’s cool, we’re just trying to get an idea for how many people are going to show up. If you pre-reg and do show, you get a free bag of chips!


  1. Avidist - Eatonton, GA
  2. Alex - Eatonton, GA

and so on…


Okay! Discounts as follows -

Of course we would prefer you take the free food/drinks to keep the prize pool as high as possible, it will be completely up to you in the end.

PS3 Console - $3 discount on the tournament entry fee of your choice, or $3 free in food/drinks.
TV - $2 discount on the tournament entry fee of your choice, or $2 free in food/drinks.
Game - $1 discount on the tournament entry fee of your choice, or $1 in free food/drinks.
Other Console (DC, Wii, ect) - $2 discount on the tournament entry fee of your choice, or $2 free in food/drinks.
Other Game - Game - $.50 discount on the tournament entry fee of your choice, or $1 in free food/drinks.


The #1 voted game will have a definite spot at the tournament, if we have time we will continue with #2, and so on (see schedule for when). If I’m forgetting a game, please let me know! If a game wins that’s not on PS3, we’ll only be able to play it if we make sure we have atleast 4 systems/copies of the game. Otherwise, the next highest voted game will win.

This poll is going to be closed 2 weeks before the tournament to give us time to set up! This exact thread is posted on other forums so even if your game doesn’t win on THIS forum, it may win over all, since all polls will be added together.

Please only vote for 2!

Choices -

Marvel VS Capcom 2 - Playstation 3
Marvel VS Capcom 2 - DC

King of Fighters XII - Playstation 3

Capcom VS SNK 2 - Playstation 2
Capcom VS SNK 2 - DC

Tatsunoko vs Capcom - Wii

Tekken 6 - Playstation 3

Soul Caliber 4 - Playstation 3

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Playstation 3

Reserved for results or for more information!

Please, if no one is interested in this tournament, let me know. I don’t want to have everything planned and only the 10 or so locals show up. If it would be better to run as a 1-day tournament, that’s fine. Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks.

Officially Cancelled

No interest… No tournament.