Time Machine - World Heroes Perfect Video

Hi friends all right ?

Well, the great team Art of Fighting Database released other good video called
Time Machine - Remembering The Good Times

The movie have 19 minutes of the classical game World Heroes Perfect and other great games from old SNK : Last Blade 1/2, KOF, PIM, Real Bout and more !

If you like remember the old times, and the old fun games, this video is a great chance for don’t forget our past…

Anyway, thanks for all things and your attention. :wonder:

The flyer of video.



http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7SGC89WC [ 240 MB High Quality Version ]

http://files.filefront.com/AOFDB_TIME_MACHINEwmv/;4590614;;/fileinfo.html [ 180 MB - Medium Quality ]

http://www.forumfree.net/?f=919674 [ 230 MB - HIGH QUALiTY ]

Brazil, huh? Bet it’s in Realplayer…

No Rhio2k…

The format are WMV … Media player or any player can see this video normally.
Thanks friend !

Cool…we’ve been burned by realplayer downloads before, all of them from Brazil, for some reason.

Downloading now :rock:

Game footage was cool, but the vid was WAAAAY over produced.

The other part of the Brazil curse.

Brazil curse? Try almost every kof combo vid ever, cept persona cyberfanatics and koforever. One thing, When is there kof2k2 video coming out? It was supposed to come out a few years ago man.

Haha, I was gonna post pretty much the exact same thing. Still, it’s in WMV, so they’re getting a little better.

Cyberfanatics isn’t exactly innocent here. Those guys have 9 minute intros and credits too. It doesn’t help that over 92837984723434 people are involved in every single KoF video project and that everyone’s name absolutely must get mentioned at least like 30 times per video.

Plus, didn’t we already (fail to) discuss this video in the combo videos thread?

Yea but akuma posted it lol. Well atleast the cyberfanatics(cept yagami2k) dont fall in the “Using tools” for combos shit.

Main problems with this video:

  1. Horrendously long intro with credits that should’ve gone at the end.
  2. Crediting everyone for each combo during the video with a huge graphic and sparkly shit which was really distracting.

I seriously can’t see how these production jobs please anyone but the producers themselves.

I think that’s kind of the point. Once the editors get good enough, they start demanding a certain amount of creative freedom. Then it becomes more than a combo video. It becomes some guy’s video editing demo reel with combos thrown in as stock footage whenever the editor needs a break from fancy glitter or whatever. I mean obviously editing is an art form and that’s cool for random fanboy communities that care more about being entertained than about the combos themselves. But SRK is the wrong place to post this kind of stuff and expect people to be impressed. You’d be better off showing off this video to a community of World Heroes cartridge collectors. Honestly. I’m not trying to talk shit or anything. I’m just trying to point you to your intended audience because we are not it.

Also … fancy editing may be an art form in and of itself, but fancy editing that focuses on the combos is also an art form. And i’m always more impressed by video editors who can highlight the combos with creative presentation than with video editors who focus on the creative presentation and forget that people download 300mb videos with the idea/hope/assumption that at least 80% of it is combos.

Yea, fuck this. Shit was 5 minutes intro, 5 minutes outro. You guys are bullshit, I think ima just give up on snk vids…Shits sad really.

Exactly. The best editing should be transparent, with maybe only a few flashy moments that make you say “cool.” If the editing is the most noticeable thing about the video, whether because its’ really bad or really over the top, then you’re doing a bad job. Being a good editor is not just about knowing how to use flashy tricks, but also when to use them. Editing should accentuate the content of the video, not override it.

But I guess there is an audience for this stuff, seeing as you Brazillians keep doing it. I don’t mean to be too harsh; if that’s what you like, I don’t really have a problem with it; just don’t expect it to be well-received here. If you want some good examples of quality yet tasteful editing, though, check out the Sai-Rec videos.

Edit: Literally more than half the video (counting the beginning, opening, and little segues during the actual content) is credits. Yeah, I counted. Jesus Christ, who actually enjoys watching that?

I guess all the money they save by using ROMs goes into video editing equipment.

Then make a normal version and the eye candy version? If they have the time to make all that eye candy they’ll surely have enough time to make a normal version. I’d keep both anyway, the normal version for the combos and the eye candy version for um, the eye candy.

The fuck? Look at early meikyousisui videos. Nothing fancy cept the combos.

Pig american edition…lol.

if this thread keeps going in the direction it is now… in before lock!