Time push block tips


I have never seen any thread for timing the push block on traps, I did see some video showing how to do it but sometimes its hard to tell when they push block.

Can you give me the right timing on push blocking traps like:

Jumping out of the Sentinel Drone super
Spiral & whom ever trap
Strider Doom trap
BlackHearth’s hearth of darkness(I’ve seen people jump out of it)
BlackHearth Anoying FP & FK attacks
Skaping or push blocking some guard brakes
punishing cyclops optic blast with push block
punishing sentinel after drones and the rockets punch with push block
I’ve people do push block then throw
I’ve people push block something and call an assist


Remember: Holding back while you push-block will increase your chances of blocking instead of cancelling into a move (but you don’t HAVE to put your stick in neutral, as others would say).

Jumping out of the Sentinel Drone super
Push-block when the second set of drones pass the half-way mark on the screen. Then AHVB through the third wave.

Spiral & whom ever trap
I think there’s a window between Spiral’s 6th knife and Sentinel’s assist. Which would mean you have to push-block Spiral’s 3rd or 4th knife. Maybe. Not too sure on that one.

Strider Doom trap
According to Clockw0rk and others, it’s not possible.

BlackHearth’s hearth of darkness(I’ve seen people jump out of it)
You can only push-block out if BH does his anti-air special before the super. When he does his anti-air, push-block as soon as you see the ball hit the ground, then hold up-forward.

BlackHearth Anoying FP & FK attacks
Push-block cancelling shouldn’t be necessary here, since it doesn’t really trap you.

Skaping or push blocking some guard brakes
Depends on the guard break. Sometimes you’re screwed worse if you push-block.

punishing cyclops optic blast with push block
MOB: Push-block immediately upon first contact with the beam. Cyclops needs to be on the ground, though.
SOB: You can only punish this one if Cyclops does his crouching beam special first. In that case, you push-block the first beam (not the super).

punishing sentinel after drones and the rockets punch with push block
Push-block Sentinel’s RP immediately, then counter-RP.

I’ve people do push block then throw
Possible, but I don’t foresee it happening in real matches any time soon.

I’ve people push block something and call an assist


Technically, it is possible to pushblock and sj out of Strider/Doom trap, but since often time the hits (rings/orbs/rocks/Strider) aren’t “supercontinuous” (meaning, blocking Ouroboros is more like blocking Cyclops’ SOB rather than MOB [but not always… it’s possible to make the blockstun similiar to MOB]), the chances of getting hit trying to get out are pretty high. Also, if the Strider player knows you’re trying to get out, the trap can always be adjusted to prevent it.

But yeah, it’s possible and stupid Genghis tries it all the time. >=[

Also, pushblock into throw (along with alot of other guardcancel stuff) is alot more practical than people think. Unfortunately from what I’ve seen, most people don’t take guardcanceling farther than jumping out of HSF.



This is Genghis aka Escape Artist.

Yes its very practical to escape Strider Doom trap and Clockw0rk gets very mad when I do it.

I’ll be making a “How to beat Clockw0rk” thread so stay tuned.


I think it is a rarity because either people are afraid to try it or they don’t understand how to do it. It is pretty ADVANCED TACTICS though so whateva. I try it every chance I get =o.



What happens when you refuse to get a chimney sweep…


When Chicken posted earlier, he only posted the Cable way. The OTHER way (that I would guess most people would use) is to push block the last attack before the super, then jump out right after the second wave pasts. So for an example:

c.FP, Rocket Punch (Push Block the Rocket Punch), wait for second wave, sj out.


Theory about breaking the gaurd cancelling of HSF…

ok, maybe i’m lame and this is plainly obvious, this doesn’t work, or i’m making no sense, but oh well. here goes…

for the most part, the pattern with the hsf is s./c. fp, rocket punch, hsf. sure you can add assist such as doom’s rocks, typhoon, mega buster, EM desruptor, blah blah blah to mess with the timing. but still, this can become somewhat predictable.
what i’m suggesting, is cancelling attacks before they hit the opponent. for example, have you ever slipped up and cancelled the s. fp before it hits the opponent? or maybe the rocket punch? what if you deliberately cancel these moves when doing the repetition? i haven’t checked this out (i just thought of this 5 minutes before writing this post), and i won’t be able to check this out since there’s nobody to play against here.

if i’m right, 1 of 2 things will happen. 1: opponent doesn’t know when to exactly push block. 2: could very well be hit with something since they pressed an attack button when there is no attack since it was cancelled before attack hit blocked opponent (i doubt this will happen, but i don’t know).

so what do you guys think? am i a lunatic, or what? there is a possibility of what i’m saying has no effect, since most people jump out of HSF during the actual HSF instead of the fp/rocket punch. but, i figured since they usually pushblock the fp/rocket punch, cancelling these moves before it hits the opponent will alter the timing.


FOBio, it very well may work if people are expecting you to continue the same blocked c. fp, rocket punch xx HSF AND specifically want to guard cancel out of it. On the other hand, if people SEE that you intentionally cancelled too early, I believe it’s very possible to just superjump out on reaction before the HSF even connects, leaving you relatively open for retaliation or at least getting you to waste a meter. Because of this, I’m not even sure the risk vs. reward is worth it.


I still can’t scape down FP HSF,

everytime I have succesfully push block the FP and leave the stick neutral I get hit with the second wave of HSF before I can jump out


Try pushblocking the first set of drones when they’re about halfway across the screen then superjump out after you block the second set of drones.


You are pushing too early. If you pushed the fierce correctly, your push stun would end in between the second and third set of drones.


Wait for the laser to start to disapate or the Rocket Punch start to retract before starting to.


you guys are right i was push blocking the beam the moments it hits.


You can throw strider. I’ve done it before. When i did it tho he didnt cross me up when he teleported after my pushblock, and i threw him when he landed.

I suppose if he crosses u up with the telelport that’ll kill ur chances.