Time-saving suggestions

so, stuff ran behind this year and everybody suffered. oh well, live and learn. here’s some suggestions from next evo:

  1. cut down the number of qualifiers from each evo event to 4. this cuts the total number of qualifiers to 16, same as in 2006

  2. cut down the number of people getting out of pools to 16; 8 in winners, 8 in losers.

  3. semis bracket has 32 people, 24 in winners (top 2 from qualifying events get a bye), 8 in losers.

  4. just cut vf5/doa4/whatever probably wont get 100 people from the lineup.

  5. scale down the BYOC area, have more stations for the actual tournament proper. the BYOC seemed to take up about half of the hall this year, maybe more. i wouldn’t allocate more than 8 tv’s to the BYOC section.

  6. run small chunks of bracket all the way to the end; instead of running the entire first round of winners, then the second round of winners, try running the first 8 matches in winners. somebody reports their win, tell them to “play the winner of that match” and queue them up. then tell a 2nd round winner to “play the winner of that match” and etc.

  7. extremist idea that won’t ever get considered: no button configging at evo. button configging easily takes up as long as an entire game, often more. force everybody to use sticks that conform to these.

I can see you typing this with Bison’s dictator hat on. :lol:

I want this to be on the DVD. Button configuration was the hottest part of the tourney. In all seriousness though, button configuration doesn’t take that long if you know your buttons.

You’re basically telling everyone to get a Hori.

just cut top 8 in cvs2 to top 4.

cut top 8 in mvc2 to top 6, then let them have their own custom colors. (this could be the best and worst idea ever)

and id rather play pools in my hotel room than one game anything.

There seemed to be barely enough BYOC stations to keep everyone happy the way it was this year, I don’t think that this is the best idea.

Almost every stick would be unusable for Guilty Gear :rofl:

Everything else sounds good.

Tru dat. True arcade setup for that game is NOT DEFAULT. You have to go in and change it to arcade setup. I dont want to have to make a custom stick for GG. :lol:

BYOC…I don’t know…I’m just not a huge fan of the overly crowded casual setups in the BYOC room. Especially when a lot of the TV’s are being used for games like Breaker’s Revenge and other crazyness. I mean those games are cool and all but when it’s clear that 50 more people wanna just play 3S and there’s only 2 TV’s for 3S…it’s just not even worth trying to wait to play 3S. I like just doing casuals with my boys in the hotel room or at my friend’s place back home where we can organize that ish. I dont feel like giving away my Ibuki trickies any ways. After 2k6 I just got really annoyed with BYOC casuals. Especially for 3rd Strike casuals where everyone plays 2/3 games and money matches get in the way as well. The only time I played BYOC casuals for 3rd this year was when I saw people that were playing one and done games like in the arcade. Then and only then did I decide to step in and do my thing. Oh and when Alex Valle and this nice pad using Yun player was playing. They get exceptions.

Co-sign. I watched at least Jaminis lose a match against MSP without even having the chance to realize the buttons were reversed by the previous player. The next guy had to notice that.

If you do remap, you should be required upon penalty of DQ to undo your remapping. Against MSP and other speed teams, the next guy may never get a chance to know that the buttons are wrong. =P


  1. Uniform buttons. Obviously there’d have to be some exceptions for pad players. But I think all sticks should be wired the exact same to avoid having to check buttons before each game. Setting and checking buttons before almost every match of almost every game on almost every machine takes up a HUGE chunk of time.

  2. Enforce everyone to have their own stick. This also takes up a shitload of time. Plenty of my pool matches were put on hold because poeple were sharing sticks. If you’re a gamer willing to travel to a different city for a tournament…you should at least have your own stick.

  3. When a pool begins, check everyone in the bracket in to make sure they’re there(like this year), but inform everyone that since they’ve been checked in, if their name is called for a match and they’re not there, they’re getting DQ’d. I saw plenty of people check into their pool just to leave to play casuals or go look for a stick…but they didn’t get DQd when holding up pool play.

  4. Make late registration have a stiffer penalty than the current penalty($20 dollars more to register). Maybe start in losers? Maybe even limit late regs to 20 spots per game.

I think if those things are done the tournament will run more smoothly.

My one suggestion is this, figure out a faster way to disqualify people. FMJ suggested some good stuff in another thread. I feel like it should be, you have 3 minutes to report for you match if you aren’t there within those 3 minutes disqualified right then and there. I was playing in multiple side tourney’s and had no trouble showing up on time for my matches everytime. If you just talk to your bracket organizer figure out around the time you should be playing it’s not so hard.

Some of the other ideas are good, uniform buttons will never work to many people play on stick or pad or want weird layouts.

Yeah…it really sucks when the person you’re supposed to play against is like doing a Marvel team tournament or something else unofficial and random like that. Even if you know the person will more than likely beat you it’d be nice to at least get the match underway instead of waiting 30 minutes to get beat.

Yeah, Fugee & Mike needed to bring down the DQ hammer in the team tourney. I waited three hours there before we played our third match. We need to codify how to handle missing people/etc. A three hour wait (and that was counting from when we were told that we were next) is insane and frustrating when you are waiting to get lunch. =P

best.suggestion.ever is here:


linked for truth.

Yeah and frustrating if your waiting to watch money matches go down while also trying to leave for the strip at a reasonable time =/