Time to brag a bit and also talk about this awesome game


What can I say…I still have love for IV. But I think I’ve proved to myself which SF is superior. Yesterday I beat EG_RickyOrtiz rather easily in IV2012 online. Sure I was Fei and he was Ryu (which makes me wonder if it really was him) but still… In 3rd Strike, I know that even if I practiced as much as I did for IV, some of you guys online would still smoke me. Like this Sean player on PSN the other day. Parryin my ass all day and then stylin on me to boot!

EDIT: I think my style in IV is such that I do well against certain people while I might lose to people who play with a lot of heart. Against foos with heart *and *execution, it’s game over for me.




congrats. ricky is an extrenely strong opponent. Very smart, too.


I didn’t know you could play with more hearts than others. There I was in the hospital, born with only one heart, and here you are telling me I can have multiple hearts. SIGN ME UP!