Time to Bring Down Ultratech - Matchup Guide



Hey people. I was playing Killer Instinct a little while ago and just realized that Matchups aren’t “recorded” yet for the characters. People are saying things like Jago wins the matchup vs. Orchid and stuff but no one actually goes over EVERYTHING that makes these matchups. I think this would be the best way to do just that.


Her worst matchup is Sadira, I can tell you that much. She does not have to tools to deal with Sadira’s air control and can’t punish the spider kuni thing on block because Sadira will stuff anything Orchid does. If you can keep them somewhat grounded, you have a chance. I’d say this is like 3-7 in favor of Sadira.

Orchid vs. Glacius is the second worse matchup in my opinion and is either 4-6 or 3-7 in Glacius’s favor. Orchid doesn’t have a good way to get in on Glacius (unless you use firecats which requires instinct) and once she does, her mixup game is really weak and can be severely punished at the simplest mistake.

Orchid vs. Thunder is not a terrible matchup, but I’d say just barely in favor of Thunder because of the easy damage he can get. Somewhere between 5-5 and 4.5-5.5.

Orchid vs. Jago is also fairly even. She has moves to counter his fireball, but Jago has frame traps and relentless blockstring pressure. Playing smart can win you this match. Either 5-5 or 6-4 for Orchid.

Orchid vs Saberwulf is hard to call. I’d say Saberwulf has the better mixup game overall with his dashes and high/low run. He has some good range normals with fast startup that will beat Orchid. His “DP” shadow move blows up crossups and is just good. Orchid can win, you just have to avoid a vortex or put your own vortex on. She can punish a lot of his moves, so playing patient is also a plus. This is either 5-5 or 6-4 for Orchid.

Just my opinions.


I think orchid vs glacius is in her favor. Her slides can beat his hail attempts on reaction. Depending on the strength of the move you’ll need to go right into an ender to prevent damage from being done to you.

Thunder seems scarier than most think. Most of her moves are unsafe on block so most thunders will always do something to punish her. And if he has meter…she basically bends over.

The sabrewulf match is definitely in her favor IMO because normally characters who play with an aggressive scheme dont know how to block but Orchid players have to do that alot to ensure they can get a mixup started.

The others are basically as you said.


I totally disagree with the Sadira matchup. Sadira is completely free to orchid. Don’t chase after her in the air. Just be patient and block her air attacks and double jump mixups. Once you block any of that and she lands next to you, you are free to go right into rekka mixup. When you get a knockdown, meaty cr. Mk into more rekka mixup. If she does anything other than block or backdash on wakeup, orchid will stuff whatever comes out and you get a combo. If she starts to back dash your cr.mk on wakeup, you can switch it up and do her slide to catch the backdashes.


I don’t think Sadira is completely free for Orchid, but I now believe that the matchup is in Orchid’s favor. Patience is key and being able to react well to whatever she tries will squeeze out a victory. After a blocked H. Widow’s Bite, Orchid’s st. HP will stuff Sadira’s dive kick or reach her when she lands if she chose to do nothing. Cr. HP will beat anything if she tries to jump forward after the H. Widow’s Bite. Sadira still has good pokes, but Orchid has a clear advantage on the ground game.


PR Rog posted his matchups. Feels she actually wins vs. 2 of the characters, goes even vs. Glacius and Thunder and only loses to Jago.

As a Glacius player, yeah I feel Orchid has solid tools vs. Glacius. Slide will pass under HP or MP hail pretty easily. I’m not sure exactly how strong slide is vs. LP hail though (the one that goes straight to the ground). That version seems pretty anti slide and I’m not sure you’d be able to go to a combo fast enough that isn’t breakable. If you just do opener, ender that’s breakable and you will get hard knocked down without a chance for a counter breaker for attempting a combo. I would say just make sure your have meter and do shadow slide/firecat instead against LP hail.

She definitely has much better walk speed than him and actually has a dash while he doesn’t. Meaning her footsie game is overall better than his. You can use a lot of her standing normals to beat his ice lance/f+MP and her crouching kick normals can go under his air normals. She just has to be aware of how much meter he has and watch for attempts to use shatter to beat her slides or shadow firecat. Shatter isn’t a projectile so it can stuff her attempts to slide in and win the match.


Also once u have meter, she can’t jump anywhere near you. Shadow uppercat will catch anything Sadira does in the air nearby.


Widow’s Bite will hit you out of uppercat.


Not during startup. It only beats you clean if u do the shadow move very late. Otherwise, you will trade, and Orchid will recover fast enough for you to pressure sadira on wake up. That makes it worth it.


I feel like Glacius is one of the easier fights for me.
Slide kick is amazing here. A lot of people looooove his jumping kicks.

I struggle against Sabrewulf, mostly because I wind up trying to break everything and screwing myself over though.
Stay back, use shadow counters when I start getting trapped. I’m terrible at dealing with his pressure.

I do all right against Sadira, I just have to keep myself grounded and attack openings rather than being aggressive.
Wait for all those silly air moves to end and punish appropriately. Slide kicks are handy, rising knees can be good sparingly, and I’ve had good luck with jump MK.

Jago is a pain at times, but I’m not sure how much of that is just everybody using Jago. I get a grab bag, could be great a great player, could be terrible.
His frame traps are killer against Orchid. I tend to just stay back far enough to tag them with a meaty MK or a standing FP

Thunder had been the most challenging fight for me until recently. I’ve dialed back my aggressiveness and started using pokes more, but I still wind up getting schooled by the better players out there.
I need help against him. I generally stay a standing FP distance away and hope I don’t get boned.

I’ve had good luck poking in to a light or medium flik flak, if they block I can often punish with a rising knee.
Orchid’s instinct meter is built to be used for sure, which has also helped me turn the tide. Instinct helps more against Glacius and Thunder for me than any other characters, but it’s awesome for making pretty much anything safe obviously.

I’m pretty sloppy in general, but I’m getting better!


After playing a lot, I don’t think I’m good yet but I’ve changed my mind in some matches. PS. What I say on stream is just for entertainment as in getting salty etc. so don’t believe everything I say there

I think Orchid vs Glacius is 5 - 5 because if the player knows how to use hail the match will become extremely annoying, then again if you have a shadow bar you can just confirm a hit into cat super other than that if you get glacius to the corner it’s GG.

Orchid vs Jago is 5 - 5 Imo also, she fights him very well even though wind kick can be extremely annoying but it’s super easy to bait, I’m having more problems against frame trap jago’s than wind kick heavy jago’s. Then again I’m terrible at shadow countering which would make it a lot easier I think.

Orchid vs Thunder 6-4 I feel she beats him by a little bit, you can keep him out easily but don’t get hit. Straight forward match and if he doesn’t have shadow bar she pressures him extremely free with c.mk on wake up.

Orchid vs Sadira 6-4 I think orchid beats sadira because of the pressure on wake up just like thunder but sadira basically can’t do shit and IMO her mixups are easy to block unless she has instinct on.

Orchid vs Wulf - I think this match up is 4-6 honestly. I know I lose a lot to online players but I don’t base it of that. I played against Justins Wulf and wulf can whiff punish any normal aside from jab and short with ragged edge. I will change my mind if I see an orchid beating or giving him problems but for now I think 4-6 it is.


Honestly sabrewulf can punish virtually n e one who whiffs normals at specified ranges. Thats just something you do not do. You need to frametrap wolf with rekkas until he gets antsy and hits buttons. Once you knock him down, you can kind of keep him there. Just look out for shadow eclipse.


Frame trap him with rekkas? Explain they’re all minus unless you charge fierce.


I can’t get the hang of the glaciuse matchup. I’m always either getting hit by shatter on the ground or landing into an already active shatter


Orchid doesn’t have to worry about shatter too much. Her regular DPs beat it clean (it’s not a projectile). So you can just DP it once you see it coming. Even if hail is coming out you you’ll take no damage since only the hail will hit you (shatter can’t hit airborne characters).

Other than that just walk forward and neutral jump when shatter comes. Worst case scenario hail will hit you for like no damage or you’ll jump over the hail. If you’re playing a bad Glacius that doesn’t hail, then you’ll eventually just get in and start winning. Once you get close enough they can’t throw shatter without a hail covering or you can just jump forward or slide and own them.


thats exactly how u can, charge rekkas. It doesnt have to be forever, just for a bit
most ppl are afraid to press n e thing when they see the charge.


Yeah the only Glacius that should be giving you problems are the ones that use Hail smart and even though I don’t think it’s that good because if you have bar the just cat super and if not I just dp so he goes to the ground with me. This match becomes more of reactions and decision making.

I understand, I’ll try it more next time. I get scared because good sabre’s will just backdash or just shadow eclipse on reaction.


very true. thats why sometimes you charge fully. sometimes partially and sometimes just let it go. truet it like focus attack i street fighter because thats exactly how it works


Btw, thanks guys. Been doing a lot better against glacius.