Time to get Serious! MvC:I Mega Man X Thread



Found this via twitch mobile. Looks pretty good imo. I wonder if it cab be done without power stone


It looks like you can totally forgo the power stone and go straight into the level 3 after the j.hk


Not a practical combo since it requires 5 meter by making Dante going DT then switching to X and gaining 4 Meter as X.

However I thought I’d just post this here for the World record 10094 damage.



Corner Bnb 1 bar 6409 dmg



does sonic blade add more hit stun if you hit an airborne opponent rather than on ground?

Edit: Has anyone found any good jump ins?

I’ve been kind of experimenting with J. LK, j.HP standing HP. Seems like it’s useful, and I hear j.LK is a crossup, but I’ve never landed one.


Can someone post the notations for MM bnbs?


j lk is crossup but hard to use , and about de jump ins im suffering a lot >.<


Few quick notes on X zoning and approaching:

[] His Buster Light Punch follow-up (the forward dash) has a long recovery normally. You can cancel its recovery early with a special move, or a jump. This makes it possible to do things like buster -> dash -> buster -> dash -> buster -> dash -> lp, combo, starting from full screen.
] You can also charge the buster slightly for a series of L2 busters as you move in.
[] Or you can throw two busters then air dash into them or past them… shenanigans.
] Buster, dash, jump cancel, airdash back air buster, land buster… pretty good spam at different heights.
[] His Buster Light Kick follow-up (the backwards hop) also has a long recovery. It can’t be jump canceled, but it can be special canceled. This makes something like buster -> backdash -> buster possible, or buster -> backdash -> slicer.
] His hyper buster is pretty great for punishing tag spam. Unlike beam supers where the character sits there for 5+ seconds, he gets out relatively quickly. It also doesn’t totally ruin the resulting combo with scaling.


The buster tech is greatly appreciated. Glad I’m not the only one trying my hardest to make this character work too


I’m looking into maining X and Zero for MVCI (even though I won’t play it seriously/competitively). Where’s a good place to start learning basic combos and mixups? Do they also have good synergy with each other?


The short hop instant overhead is pretty wild.



My advice on execution for it… superjump and then immediately hold down. Then hit LK a moment later. If you LK at the same time as hitting down, you’ll just fly up.


How is everyone doing in the capt marvel match up?


I play them and feel like they mesh well. I start Zero because I want those sword normals and movement options to build space to tag X and immediatley armor up. That’s when I can bully with fast charging buster and other projectiles.
Sonic slicer and rising fire cover areas Zeros projectiles dont reach, and lvl 2/3 buster from X isn’t reflectable, Zeros IS. Also with X setting up projectiles like boomeramg cutter or ice shield and then tagging into Zero and going into his dash special move is good for easy left/right mixups

tldr: Zero has better normals and movement, X has better projectiles. They cover each other well imo.

This is a meter hungry team though and while Reality is the flavor right now I’m rocking Mind for the storm. Both characters install supers are far too good.


X has a safe Light of armor setup as long as you can combo.

Corner only (afaik):
S.HP, S.HK, F.HK, C.HP x J.LK, J.LK, J.HP, J.HK, S.HP, S.HK, F.HK x Armor of Light -> what ever you come up with. I like to just keep it simple
C.HP x J.LK, J.LK, J.HP x QCF + p (doesn’t really matter which) x Full Charge.

It costs 2 meters, but you get a free armored up X, and you can just tag out and use him for later, or set up the field for okizeme.

I really love how X can set up traps and and baits for unaware players. Frost Shield sets up so many opportunities. I feel like it’s such a low profile move because you don’t really see X shoot it when you switch.

I’d really wish that the move was an over head, at least in the armor of light mode. I kind of wish the moves had different properties while in armored mode, but it’s what ever (I know X has never really worked like that)


after SCR i have really low hopes for X competitively, just a lotta, dorm, dante, ultron. X is too honest for this game :frowning:


It’s week one. Look at how long it took for people to hop off wesker and jean in mvc3, and play zero or morrigan… I’d say give it a 6mo’s to a year before we really count anyone in or out


Would also appreciate if anybody has time to write down some notations for combos, namely a corner carry bnb and a corner bnb.


A friend of mine advised using the Space Stone for the Maverick-hunting duo. I would go with Time Stone (because it compliments well with Zero), but I’ll experiment with the Stones and see where I can go from there.


So how are people approaching in terms of neutral?

I’ve been doing pretty alright with Armoring Up and interchanging ground/air hp/lp level 3 busters. Using the dash follow up on ground buster can cancel into block if they try to punish. Be mindful of air buster cause close to the ground tho because you can get punished by things like Jedah and Dorms lvl 3 due to landing recovery.

Use Sonic slicers to try and catch them jumping, the reflect off it can lead to a full confirm. Use HP rising fire if they get directly above as it has upper body invul, can be canceled into SWR which leads to a HKD and can be followed up with buster super or tag into combo.

If they try super jump to get away a good read with SWR can punish air specials. It comes out deceptively fast.

Been using Mind stone. More for the storm then the surge although people can be caught off guard by the surge. X without armor isn’t nearly effective to the length of buster charge time so you really want that meter. Plus the 10% attack and Def bonuses are decent.

I also use a lot of meter with X just by punishing full screen nonsense with busted super which when it hits raw you can actually shoot another one as it otgs.

Right now my hardest match ups seem to be Gamora and Capt Marvel. The guns rip through buster and absorbtion eats all non super projectiles.

Some clips