Time to get Serious! MvC:I Mega Man X Thread



A friend of mine advised using the Space Stone for the Maverick-hunting duo. I would go with Time Stone (because it compliments well with Zero), but I’ll experiment with the Stones and see where I can go from there.


So how are people approaching in terms of neutral?

I’ve been doing pretty alright with Armoring Up and interchanging ground/air hp/lp level 3 busters. Using the dash follow up on ground buster can cancel into block if they try to punish. Be mindful of air buster cause close to the ground tho because you can get punished by things like Jedah and Dorms lvl 3 due to landing recovery.

Use Sonic slicers to try and catch them jumping, the reflect off it can lead to a full confirm. Use HP rising fire if they get directly above as it has upper body invul, can be canceled into SWR which leads to a HKD and can be followed up with buster super or tag into combo.

If they try super jump to get away a good read with SWR can punish air specials. It comes out deceptively fast.

Been using Mind stone. More for the storm then the surge although people can be caught off guard by the surge. X without armor isn’t nearly effective to the length of buster charge time so you really want that meter. Plus the 10% attack and Def bonuses are decent.

I also use a lot of meter with X just by punishing full screen nonsense with busted super which when it hits raw you can actually shoot another one as it otgs.

Right now my hardest match ups seem to be Gamora and Capt Marvel. The guns rip through buster and absorbtion eats all non super projectiles.

Some clips



Super Buster is pretty great for punishing tags in neutral. It starts up fast and plows through a lot of nonsense.

Tigerknee busters have very little recovery. You have plenty of time to react if they decide to push forward on the ground under it (Buster), or if they try and super jump over it (Rising Fire -> Sonic Slicer).

I throw in some Buster -> Back Hop -> Buster/Slicer/Rising Fire action as well, since you can special cancel the Back Hop early. In the same way that you bullied Haggar into the corner in that one clip with Buster -> Dash -> Buster spam, you can also ‘runaway’ with Buster -> Backhop -> Buster spam.

I find that Buster -> Dash or Back Hop helps a lot vs teleporters. Even if they teleport behind you during the buster, the constant movement helps keep you safe.

And I’ll occasionally try and throw in a Buster -> HP or HK follow-up to try and anticipate counters to Busters.


Probably known already but with time stone on incoming opponents I’ve been doing boomerang x ice shot > tag > time teleport.

Basically the opponent lands in between X and your second character, and is either in block stun by boomerang and/or gets hit by ice for full combo. Since they’re facing away from Megaman they usually can’t hit him to make the projectile disappear and have to take the mixup and block correctly.

100% success rate so far.


Been running this setup but instead of time I use Zeros teleport. Same effect, rarely blocked.


Shit, I use Thanos and Megaman… why am I not doing the same?! Lol


Ive been playing mvci with all my sparetime since it came out and literally just learned that X can cancel his command dash. Got so excited I made a video, but I guess everyone here already knows about this. I play x strider with mind stone. Once strider dies, I had problems getting in with x solo, but since I discovered it, I am starting to feel that X might be the best for screen control in the whole game. He can cover the ground with projectiles, and if the opponent comes into box dash range you have decent mixup options. X is definitely a strong character full screen and a decent character up close. Hardest matchup is anyone with a teleport and gamora and ghost rider. Norcal has some strong ghost riders and I am pretty screwed if I somehow run out of meter. Anyways, just made this account to get on the forums to thank MegamanSteve for putting in all this work. Will definitely help me level up my X.
My advice for X users is to get used to using sonic blade or rising fire as a premove to get out the fast boomerangs and ice shots.



I’ve been attempting this one for a while, but I just can’t seem to get it. The opponent (using Dante just like in the video) always seems to drop out right before the second Boomerang Cutter hits, no matter which Sonic Slicer version I use. Any tips? This is the notation I’m using, allow me to know if it’s wrong or not:

sLP, sLK, sHP, cHK x L Sonic Slicer x H Boomerang Cutter, sLK x L Sonic Slicer x L Boomerang Cutter (combo drops here)


From what you’re saying and watching the video, the second boomerang doesnt hit on the way back. Just launch right away


No, it’s not that. I can’t get the outgoing hit to connect at all.


You’re taking to long to cancel the 2nd cutter


That’s pretty interesting never thought to do that. You can also cancel the daah with the surge. Which can be good if you use reality stone.

Also wanted to point out that X can create hard to blockables from the HP or HK follow up from buster


Don’t know if this has already been discovered or if its useful, but if you do like a half circle going from down to up+Punch you’ll do a really floaty buster charge at normal jump height.


I think that’s considered a TK buster.


Yup, you are correct, that is a TK buster


Has anyone been using time stone? Been thinking about giving it a shot and seeing if he has anything good in the storm.


Hey guys, I’ve been in the lab with X, testing out his specials and finding guaranteed setups for his buster overhead move (the hard-to-blockable mixup to be more specific), so far I have not found a partner that can set it up. Despite my search for the setup, I personally feel like X in this game is kinda weak without the HSD glitch, due to the fact that all of his zoning tools can be easily avoided and that they can be nullified (his boomerang goes away when he is hit). Piercing properties that characters like Gamora and Rocket have with their pistols makes X’s zoning seem even more weak. He can sort of support and cover his partner when needed but he really doesn’t do a good job at anything else, even if you were to put him as a point character. The only thing I like about him is his Rising Fire as it is a pretty damn good anti-air, but I feel like it won’t be as useful over time once people start figuring out the match-up.
I’m planning on continuing to lab with X, but I’m close to just dropping him from my team since other characters have better tools.


So I’ve been trying to work on some lock down setups with X and Zero using the slam downs and boomerang cutter



Because of the way the slam work’s, you can only tech up into the air or on the ground. Combined with boomerang cutter due to its arc you can at least guarantee to force them to block and then go into high/lows or left/rights. Nothing as good as what some of the top chars have but it’s something

Of course be wary of invincible reversals

Not sure how other chars can set this up since I haven’t really played with anyone else.


X can combo from both air grabs forward and backward with tag. Might depend on your partner, i’m using strider, but its actually quite easy. The timing is very tight, but as long as u input tag right as the opponent hits the ground you should be able to convert. Guaranteed if in the corner, but not possible at super jump height from mid screen.
Edit: just time the tag by looking at character icons, and press at earliest moment


I don’t play Zero, but that combo you did in the first video gave me an idea. I was working on a corner setup for the past week and that Zero combo actually made it to work almost perfectly.

Here’s the setup:


When you do rising fire, you can do either the LP or HP version. I think the LP makes the combo more consistent overall since it keeps the opponent closer to the ground than the HP version.
You can improvise the end of the setup. If you do reality or power surge at the end when they do an air recovery, it can make it safe. If the opponent is starting to block the cross-up, you can make it a same-side setup by walking back or dashing instead of crouching when you tag in Zero.