Time to get Serious! MvC:I Mega Man X Thread



Also I’m trying to see what kind of reset/mixup potential I get off of Frost Shield into tag

Grounded works great into Zero teleport

Being put into the air after an extended combo. It doesn’t work on all air techs however, still a rough idea.

The interesting thing here is even after a longer combo when the opponent gets otg'd into the tag hit it puts them in a HKD state where they can be otg'ed again by Frost Shield


I’ve trying to figure out all the changes X gets in Armor of Light mode.
Here’s some things I’ve found–

–All special moves get 10% increase in damage
–All special moves and buster decreased start-up
–Charged buster shot can reach Level 3. Level 3 has no difference from Level 2 in terms of damage, but can’t be reflected and has higher durability.
–Expanded hitbox for special moves (???)
–Extra hits on all version of Boomerang cutter
–Level 2 buster damage increase on both hits
–Super Charge Shot becomes Double Charge Shot
–f+H (Buster Blow) becomes cancellable into other normals. Normal version is jump cancellable only.
EDIT–10% defense increase against ALL damage!


Have no idea if it’s viable or not but I’ve done it online with 100% success. Can probably be optimized to kill without a level 3 buttttt, if you have the bar it’s a great round closer.


how useful is SWR? I feel like it should just get patched out or outright replaced.


SWR does the most damage if you can combo them low into the middle of it so you get most of the hits. i haven’t found any meaningful ways to do that yet. also i guess it’s a solid anti air.


I haven’t used it, but ive seen it used to try and set up resets against air techs in the corner because it will lock down the opponent in all tech directions for a tag into possible mixup, not sure how effective that will be in the long run.


SWR is really kind of blah, but it covers an important blindspot for X.
Not really useful for combos. Maybe potential for resets as mentioned.


Pretty basic, and probably already known by anyone playing X, but the X buster (basic fireball) can be cancelled if you start charging using the air version. The ground version forces you to release/tag/super



Not sure how to post tweets using bbcode but here’s the concept on swr


people should setup character specific discords for info & tech sharing.


https://discord.gg/4f86Rf is the one I’m using you can opt into the X thread


Found this via twitch mobile. Looks pretty good imo. I wonder if it cab be done without power stone


It looks like you can totally forgo the power stone and go straight into the level 3 after the j.hk


Not a practical combo since it requires 5 meter by making Dante going DT then switching to X and gaining 4 Meter as X.

However I thought I’d just post this here for the World record 10094 damage.



Corner Bnb 1 bar 6409 dmg



does sonic blade add more hit stun if you hit an airborne opponent rather than on ground?

Edit: Has anyone found any good jump ins?

I’ve been kind of experimenting with J. LK, j.HP standing HP. Seems like it’s useful, and I hear j.LK is a crossup, but I’ve never landed one.


Can someone post the notations for MM bnbs?


j lk is crossup but hard to use , and about de jump ins im suffering a lot >.<


Few quick notes on X zoning and approaching:

[] His Buster Light Punch follow-up (the forward dash) has a long recovery normally. You can cancel its recovery early with a special move, or a jump. This makes it possible to do things like buster -> dash -> buster -> dash -> buster -> dash -> lp, combo, starting from full screen.
] You can also charge the buster slightly for a series of L2 busters as you move in.
[] Or you can throw two busters then air dash into them or past them… shenanigans.
] Buster, dash, jump cancel, airdash back air buster, land buster… pretty good spam at different heights.
[] His Buster Light Kick follow-up (the backwards hop) also has a long recovery. It can’t be jump canceled, but it can be special canceled. This makes something like buster -> backdash -> buster possible, or buster -> backdash -> slicer.
] His hyper buster is pretty great for punishing tag spam. Unlike beam supers where the character sits there for 5+ seconds, he gets out relatively quickly. It also doesn’t totally ruin the resulting combo with scaling.


The buster tech is greatly appreciated. Glad I’m not the only one trying my hardest to make this character work too