Time to go to work, guys! Dante team building thread



As MvC3 evolves, so will each character’s strengths and team strategies. Let’s discuss some good team building/ match ups for everyone’s favourite demon hunter!

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Reserved, just in case.




Dante (Jam Session)/Deadpool (Happy trigger)/ Ammy (Cold Star)


I have a several of teams

Team 1
Spidy(Web Ball)/Dante(Jam Session)/Ammy(Cold Star) or Tron(undecided)
Team 2
Dante(Jam Session)/Hsien-Ko(Pendulum)/Ammy(Cold Star) or Tron(undecided)
Team 3
Dante(Jam Session)/ Ammy(Cold Star)/ Hsien-Ko(Gong)

Team 1 and 2 are for complete rushdown and team 3 is used against zoners.


Dante |Jam Session| - Deadpool |Happy Trigger| - Morrigan |Dark Harmonizer|

Just rushdown with Dante and Deadpool and heave Morrigan’s assist for free meter.


main team: Dante jam session
X23 ankle slicer
Ryu hadoken or shoryuken
second team:dante jam session
Zero hadangeki
wesker low assist



Akuma is a great meter builder which Dante can use really well, however, I feel that Dante and Akuma are at their best when they have assit, so Wesker whom I think is really good even without assist is good to have at the end


Think I’m going to rock Dante (Jam Session)/ Hulk (Gamma Wave)/ Taskmaster (Up arrows), having a light lockdown/rushdown team. Hulk will use arrows to get in, Jam Session for OTG launches off air grabs/command throw, Dante uses air trick to get in. Taskmaster’s arrows for some extra lockdown, Hulk’s Gamma Wave to extend combo’s.

That will be the first team I put work into, I’ll be back here post launch with changes/tweaks.


Also Dante (Jam Session)/Thor (idk lol)/Dormammu(idk)


Dante and sentinel make a decent team that takes advantage of the drones and teleport… sent can also use jam session to extend the length of his combos…

Currently using sent, storm, dante


trish / dante / doom?

trish will be awesome as a lockdown and meter builder (this is my understanding from the beta tests. she was hella good back then. now?) where dante will have the capcom assist and doom for his obvious rocks assists. then dhc into dante safely (I hope :X) and let dante go beast mode with trish lockdown assist and doom rocks assists. not bad on paper, IMO!

edit! just read the trish assits, air or ground trap would be the choice, depending on the matchup? or general effectiveness of each ability. I’d go with air trap, since doom has the ground covered :wink:


Hi smexy, curiously I was planning to use the same exact team as you.
Can you give me some tips on which are the best assists and all you think is worth saying? That would be really appreciated.


Dante on jam session… Allows storm to do 2x C.A (Crouching light kicks) into jam session launcher xx magic series xx otg hailstorm…
Allows sent to do crouching B + Jam session, Fly, J.b, J.C, S, B, S, Magic series, Otg Rocket punch, Hsf

Sent on A assist drones forward allow for dante to do cross up teleport shenanigens and increases his combo damage output over 600 and helps storm do more chip/build meter whilst running away.

Storm on whirlwind because it helps you control the screen and pushes people back when you need some space…

The team works and is currently on of the best teams I can think of at the moment… I tried zero and mags instead of dante but they dont bring much to the team and have less health are less versatile…

Trish and storm is really your pick… trish is better but I just prefer storm when the tides are turned againsts me


Dante (Jam Session) / Chun Li (Lightning Legs) / Spidey (Web ball).

I haven’t really been studying the game too much, so this team is based purely around my love for the characters, but I’ve heard Web ball is a great assist and basically leads to free combos when it lands (Dante looks great at taking advantage of that). Chun was in there purely for the fact that she’s my favourite SF character ever, but it seems her assist is ridiculously good at locking down and has great comeback potential when she’s in lvl3 X Factor.

Any problems with the team that people can see?


Dante (Jam Session)/Dormammu (Purification)/Iron Man (Unibeam)

I mainly chose this team due to their DLC, and they seem to compliment each other rather well. I do wonder if maybe I should put Dormammu on point to build meter? or is Dante better suited as a point in terms of building meter.


Im still trying to figure my team out. My main team so far is Dante and Wesker then sometimes Ryu or Gouki but i’m really liking how Dante and Deadpool play together.:wonder:


So far I’m thinking Dante,Iron Man & Wesker


I was thinking about having Dante/Zero/Viewtiful Joe or

^ mainly


Dante and sent both work together so well its unbelievable… call drones teleport :smiley: