Time to Grow Up: Toys ‘R’ Us Closing


I remember playing Vectorman a lot at one store. RIP.


I remember using Geoffrey Dollars to buy my N64…first Kaybee Toys and now Toys R’ Us.


As someone who use to work there fuck that place. Toy Industry is pretty fucked though. Toys R Us was amounted for half their business.


That sucks. I like toy stores.


Got a lot of Genesis games from there when they had clearance sales.


I got my NES and Simon’s Quest there when I was a kid. Rememeber being in line with my folks when they paid for it even.

That said, I remember buying a game guide at a Toys R Us location several years ago, and as I was paying for it, the cashier asked, “isn’t all of this stuff on the internet anyway? Why are you buying this?” So yeah, probably part of the reason why it’s going under.


I feel bad because for most of my life, i lived in areas that had Toys 'R Us nowhere remotely near by. It was Insanely-rare that i got to visit so, sadly i missed most of the good years. When i did visit though, it was pretty epic.

One of my fond memories was buying a New SEGA CD model 2 from there back in 1993 or whatever.

I still love the SEGA CD.


That’s a shame, I recently got a little brother. I planned that when he’s like five, I would take him there on his birthday and say he has a $100 limit. Once we get to the register I would say PSYCH and make him put it all back.

Looks like that dream is dead. :cry:

Joking aside, Toys R Us wasn’t a place I went to that often. My dad would rather go to Home Depot than Toys R Us when I was young.


One of the best things during the holiday season when I was young…was getting the Big Toy Book from Toys R Us and reading it.

It will be missed.

Wait though…will it still have an online store presence?


I never thought I’d see the day… R.I.P. :frowning:
Funny you should mention Vectorman, that’s one of my fav games of all time and it always warms my heart to find fellow fans :slight_smile: I too remember playing at the kiosk. I was so shocked when the game showed up under the tree that Christmas. 1994 was a hell of a year. Ah, to be young again…


(I can’t say I have any specific memories of Toy R’ Us beyond going there a decent amount as a kid. Shrug.)

In fact, to be completely honest, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for Toy R’ Us to collapse given the way brick-and-mortar stores have been going for at least the past decade. This especially given the “millennials are killing the [Insert industry here]” blame trend that totally ignores that generation’s manufactured, crippling debt and older generations’ increased tendency to also utilize shopping online more than they do in-person now.

By Hades, I remember thinking Toy R’ Us went bankrupt and closed at least twice in the past six years only to be surprised that it was still around.

Oh well. Here’s to hoping any and all employees that get laid off can find jobs relatively quickly again (before the economy maybe implodes again).


RIP to the biggest toy store there is. Gee whiz!


Dang, this sucks the big one. I actually got my copy of Breath of the Wild from Toys 'R Us when that sucker was hard to cop if you didn’t preorder it.


I’ll always be a Toys R Us Kid.


The first girl who asked me to slap and choke her in bed was a Toys R Us employee, damn.


Man I remember as a kid my mum took my friend and I there. We were walking down the aisles is awe checking out each and EVERY toy back then… Transformers, M.A.S.K, Thundercats etc. Last time I was there I took my son… he wanted to get some Octonaughts toys… I obviously took him to the transformers section first lol


A shame but I’m surprised the store has held on for this long… I kept hearing about it being “in trouble” financially for a long time now…like how K-mart has been “in trouble” for about the last 15+ years at this point. I was also annoyed how TRU was typically far away from wherever I was living at the time… I hated that it was nearly a road trip just to get there.

I remember another toystore I preferred back in those ancient times-- Children’s Palace. That place died a long time ago though…it was basically the same thing as TRU but as per the name… the shape of the buildings was usually like a big castle.


Never was that fortunate of a child that I got to go there a lot growing up but my nephew who thankfully is apparently has. It is a shame for the employees as well as the kids and parents who view it as a stable place to buy kids stuff not from stores not named Walmart or Target.


Man, it is so much better to buy anything in real life. Virtual shopping or anything virtual is a pale imitation of real life.


Stupid Bious, it’s TOYS Я US.