Time to lose more hours! Sid Meier's Civilization V announced


OMFG awesome

Awesome I’ve always been a fan of the series.


Seriously, Civ4+expansions, is the only game I can actually go back and play over and over again without getting bored. Not to mention the only game that I can play for like 8 hours straight.

Btw, from the screens, it looks like ranged units finally got a 2 square attack range, awesome. I’m guessing artillery will get like 3 squares or something. I can also guess if range attacks from across the water tile like in the screenshot, mellee won’t be able to retaliate. I dunno throwing out ideas, discuss, LoL.

I hope civ5’ll be good. I loved civs 2 & 3 but for some reason couldn’t get into civ4. I didn’t really give civ4 much time though.

one thing pointed out on civ fanatics (its the equivalent of srk for civ games) is that its now hex based tiles instead of square ones. everyones wondering what the workable tiles surrounding a city will be, since it can no longer be the “fat cross” in the previous civs.

Oh shit.

Also good shit they made the armies look like squads instead of 2 or 3 people attacking at a time.

Nice! This is like my fav games series besides Street Fighter…

I’m excited for this game, saw news earlier this morning but didn’t see this thread so I posted it in the old Civ thread. I hope I can play this one.

Yeah, a huge upgrade is being HEX based.

also the art style is way better than civ4’s

So I heard they’re removing religion. Oh well… On one hand, they’re early Gold givers. On the other, they make diplomacies a bitch.

Also, I do hope they make war declarations a bit more tolerable. I hate it when a neighbor suddenly declares war without reason.


archers look like they are attacking 2 squares… erm hex away from the melee target on a hill.

Bombard ala Civ3? Or perhaps some sort of new ranged combat feature?

Is it strange that I love games like this (civilization building and leading) to the point where I’ve even played those shitty online text, build-a-kingdom games but I’ve never played a Civ game (except Civ. Rev.)?

Well you should get it now! Complete Edition is pretty much on sale in Steam!

I just came.

freakin awesome. I still play Civ3…which reminds me, i need to nuke the fuck out of the Chinese today

couldn’t get into civ4 because of the art style

The Hex system implies Civ 5 will be more combat based then it will be actual diplomacy based.

Still, fuck yeah 2 year sessions.