Time to lose more hours! Sid Meier's Civilization V announced

Nice. But I hope they fix the combat. In Civ 4 combat was really fucking random, I remember saving just before attacking a city and getting wiped out, then reloading and wiping the defenders out. The rest of the game was awesome though so I’m still really hyped for this.

They said there won’t be any unit stacking so all is fine.

god i hope not. the great thing about civ is that there are multiple ways to win, and that the diplomacy has really evolved over the years and become quite in depth.

again, check out civ fanatics, the srk verison of civ. those people are GOOD. what you want to do is look at the sticky threads that have links to the legendary games. these are guys playing on sid difficulty and explaining turn by turn what they are doing and why.

the combat in civ isn’t so random. just hold right click over the unit you’re attacking and you’ll see your odds of victory. what i’d do is build tons of catapults (they’re cheap), sacrifice them all doing collateral damage on an enemy stack, and then attack with regular units. basically, you want your artillery units to weaken up a stack so that your regular units can just attack and have a 99% chance of victory in combat. later, once you can build bombers, its too easy. air strike units with 30-40 bombers, then roll them up with your tanks. easy.

But yeah, stacking is out now so you won’t see multiple units taking a single space.

Freakin love this game, I threw away days upon days during various summers on this game, so great. Hype!