Time to main fei long

Guile isn’t up there? okay i heard fei long is… hey! what’s up guys! here for the $$! no hating pls =)

lol not much hate in Fei forums. But really, good luck to anyone that thinks they can just pick up Fei and win tournaments/majors. Really not as easy as it looks, online on the other hand is basically down/back till your opponent kills themselves until you run into a person that actually knows what hes doing which is going to be pretty rare.

We’re all too jolly in the Fei forums. We’re like a tight family unit.

Ohhhh, this begs the question, if the Fei forums really were a family, who would be each family member?

Dad -
Mum/mom -
Eldest brothers and sisters -
Uncle who you only see at Christmas etc -
Grandparents (dead ones?) -

I’d probably put StarNab under the last one seeing as he stopped posting so long ago…

Well, this post will be constructive; maybe I’m a little too jolly right now?

As far as hype, it seems Yun and Yang are getting more attention than Fei. The twins have more easy-mode stuff it would seem, like EX Lunge Punch> Ultra 1 for Yun which gives full animation. Also, palm whiffs to build meter/cancel fireballs seem abuse-able.

Fei’s gonna get attention, believe it. Once people start to realize they actually have to learn footsies and tight links to get better than someone who plays a character with Ultra juggles, things will change. Those who like Fei will stay and those who can’t deal will drop. I believe Flash Metroid was the first pro player to demonstrate this. He made a public announcement that he had 80% confidence in picking up Fei as opposed to Viper. What happened? He couldn’t follow through. Can’t blame him–people just want to see some results when they switch.

Many people have their characters set in stone. Others just say things to make a point. At the end of the day, the character that is easier to pick up and find results with is the character of choice. Day one isn’t the day to proclaim that you’re a Fei main. More like day 50.

Congratulations to you if Fei is the one, and welcome :slight_smile:

And Spartan, I want to be the drunken uncle that ruins Christmas Dinner with the most abrasive toast you’ve ever heard.

I totally agree with Spartan, the fei forums are great and it really is a close knit group that are truly here to help one another. I hope this doesn’t change!


I wanna be the snot nosed little brother that kicks others in the shin, flicks his boogers at people, and is constantly running around in circles as if on fire.

nosone i hear that you won a local in NY with the laggiest TV setups ever known to man. This venue wouldnt happen to be Anime Castle Flushing would it?

Nah I don’t live in NYC. I’m a couple hours upstate. Will be moving to Manhattan in June though.

Sure come on down and join the Fei fan club. While your at it, dont forget to read my interviews with Mago2dgod and DMG Inthul : ). Thats said, I along with DMG Insyanne and DMG Rico will be at China Town tomorrow trying to get our run on AE. I will let the rest of you all know how Fei feels. It may take me a few rnds to get used to the setup and stick.
Im looking forward to try this link out in AE; cr.lk>st.lpx2>FK>FADC>Ultra (If I have it acitve) It should link as cl.lp gives +6 and FK startup is 5 frames. I also remember Ono saying the new costumes could be used in the AE, aso I will see if I can rock the 70’s suit for one match

jason i thought CTF didnt get the arcade cabinet yet? or maybe im wrong. By the way, wouldnt st.lp x2 make the FK whiff unless he got a hitbox buff, or is it some character specific shit? If they do have the cabinets though, drop a line on whether theres any controller ports if people didnt use stick, for say PS3 pad. Im lookin forward to another Fei mains thoughts on his changes for his pokes.

btw if you can, test out of st.lp counterhit sweep would work reliably enough to be used. Thanks

I’m not sure if the double st.LP will link properly to Flame Kick, BUT you can cancel from the second st.LP into Flame Kick already. It’s a combo with very limited range however. Try cr.LK > st.LP (only one) > Flame Kick (link) > FADC > Ultra instead.

Jason, when will CTF have it? By night? I just may pay a visit.

I’m thinking about taking a bus up there myself to check it out. If anyone is down to meet up over there lemme know with date/time last final was today so I should be able to make some time to get up there. Also never been to NYC before so if whoever, if anyone wants to meet up, after going to CTF going to get something nice to eat would be awesome.

I think we should all go and have a pow wow over the arcade cabinets.

I agree, lemme know I can pretty much leave on a days notice.

I hate this family. :expressionless:

Hahaha your gonna miss kobra’s awkward and brash toast over a slice of pizza. Also I can do this any day but monday as it’s the wifes burfday.

actually i’ll stick with my dudley/yang/gouken. they fit my style the best. with prolly dudley/yang being my mains but i’ll check to see if they cover every bad mu with each other. cause if they do then it’s a RAP! all i’m using are those 3

mained yang in 3rd strike… “still have old vids of it”.

Mained gouken in vanilla

then mained dudley in ssf4.

Dream come true! and they will all be viable! “ORGASM”.

Guys give me a few min, I am reaching out to Rico Suave. He called me today and he said he will go down there today.

UPDATE: CTF does not have it yet. I was told just now they should have it by tomorrow also my bad with the link it would be cr.lk>st.lp>fk blah balh blah

SRK forums crack me up sometimes.

We’ve not had one clip, one player, one video, one SHRED of evidence of Fei Long in AE yet many people are putting him in the top 5 in the game…

Best we’ve got is 1 picture of the new suit, apparently that’s enough!

Maybe it is because Fei was already a very good character in ssf4 and that nobody (blog, players etc.) reported any big nerfs and that he got some buffs + some chars who were considered very good chars as well in ssf4 got nerfed? Does not sound too unreasonable to think Fei will be one of the better chars in AE no?

lol no one used fei in sf4 now i thought it was good to see loads more fei’s in ssf4 but to jump on a character just because you assume hes good