Time to make the donuts (or unsticky useless stickies)



Ok so the top of this forum is getting pretty big.

Anyone have any ideas on which thread should stay or go?

Personally my list for UNsticky goes like this:

Gouken Match-ups and Character Specifics - This all relates to Super. We’re in AE now and we have the Master link thread for individual threads stickied now. Remove to avoid confusion.

Gouken Videos: The thread starter for this thread is absent and we have the AE consolidated video thread which Real Devastator can just update as people put stuff in there.

Gouken Combos and Glitches: This shit is from Vanilla. It needs to go. If we need a combo thread we can redo it since Gouken actually has links and stuff now, not to mention certain things don’t work anymore.

Gouken Moveset and Atrributes: Same deal. From Vanilla. Original poster not around. I made the AE moveset thread and I can update it.

Gouken Trials: Tips tricks and helpful hints: Seriously? Don’t think this needs to be stickied anymore. I’m pretty sure we can safely get rid of a “Trials” thread.

That’s 5 stickies I think we can safely remove.



Underneath the Gouken Match Up Master Thread, I have a reserved post that I am going to use for General Info about Gouken.

There we can keep the Super Related Stickies amongst other stuff (safe jumping, frame trapping, vortexting, etc. Pretty much most of the stuff that’s in the Gouken Match-ups and Character Specific thread in post 1.