Time to strike! Tvc Growing time

Time is now to strike and pick up new people for TvC we’re going to have alot of people seeing this on the streams and being interested in it. So do what you can do to reel in these fishies. After evo we should have more streams for TvC then before, doesn’t matter if the streams are ass quality its the gameplay that counts. Grab your friends and teach them how to play.

Resources to show your friends
Keits TvC Primer
TvCisland blog

Random1234 wiki
RoyalFlushes youtube (He has alot of TvC goodies on there)

NicoNicovideo (Its hard to find local play on there cause of the lack or arcade release)

Ways to reel in your friends or local comp the trick is MAKE IT FREE. No one likes to get their ass handed to them for money. Organize free events or get together at one another houses.

Guide them to the IRC thats the new forum lol. Speaking of forums people don’t hold back your info POST about it.

TvC will breed MvC3 killers


I support this. As a TvC noobie, I’m trying to get my gaming friends to play more and more TvC, maybe soon I could set up an event or 2. Cool thread.

Redirected them to srk once you get them in. An your a newbie so this is perfect for you, you can all learn at the same time. Griffard hop in the IRC time to time.

New comers please read this thread it will help you so hard.

I support this.

this thread should be combined with the irc thread and then stickied.

I’m suprised you didn’t put any of MY shit in here, Premium…:confused:

Shit bro I don’t know your youtube lol…I can put you singing fuck all the akrids if you won’t.