Timing for kara-dragon

Anyway to practice getting the timing for it properly? I was trying to do a dragon and then go right into low forward/low roundhouse so I could see where to do it, but I’m only doing it about 10% of the time on either side so it’s pretty annoying.

Last question: Is there a range difference in cancelling RH than forward? Which would be more beneficial?

you really have quite a bit of time after you land 2-3 frames perhaps to get your kara-srk in time. You should just focus on seeing when your character is landing, then from there you enter dp.HK-LP. dp being a strict dragonpunch motion: n,f,d,df; on a squaregate that motion looks like a Z.

to do a kara srk you must time the cr mk/hk to come out on the FIRST frame possible. Then kara cancel it into the srk. There is only ONE spacific timing for this and it is the same for all characters. The kara srk must come out as EARLY a possible, but you have to have the cr mk/hk come out first and there is only one timing for the srk to cancel from the sr mk/hk so you dont need to worry about timing that. The best way to learn this is to do a srk and as you land buffer the second srk and press cr mk/hk until you are confident you can cosistantly so the kick on the first frame after the srk. Then do the actual kara with the same timing and you will get a kara srk. It is not impractical do learn to do this consistantly like in the 90% range so just keep practicing.

Exact arcade kara Shoryuken data:

After the first LP Shoryuken hits, wait 55 frames (0.916* seconds) then input either

:r:, (:d: + :hk:), :df: + :lp:


:r:, (:d: + :mk:), :df: + :lp:

The timing must be exactly 55 frames or the kara Shoryuken will not hit. This coincides almost exactly with Ken landing. However, it’s possible to get a kara Shoryuken out on the 54th frame, which will miss.

Your input must be exactly as shown or the Shoryuken will not be kara’d. There is no margin for error. If your input comes out malformed (:r:, :d:, :df: + :mk: + :lp:) or (:r:, :d:, :df: + :hk: + :lp:) the resulting Shoryuken will not be kara’d and it will miss. If your kick (:hk: or :mk:) comes out anywhere other than 1 frame before the :df: + :lp:, you’ll get a sweep or low forward rather than a Shoryuken.

Are you sure about this? Cause I’ve never had a SRK kara too early and not hit, I’m pretty sure you can srk on the 54th frame but not kara cause you need the extra frame from the cr mk/hk. You can tell if you did it too early depending on how far Kens foot is from the other chracter if you don’t move after and allow them to stand. Example being against a shoto, Kens foot will be like half a cm away from the other shoto if you do it too early, but the sprites will touch if it’s too late; ofcourse if its on time it will hit.

And I know for a fact that f, d, df, mk~lp works for the kara because this is exactly how I do it, simply hold the df to get the down input then press the mk/hk lp in sucession. The 3rd strike engine is so friggin leniant that you can do this.

A very good point and it sounds completely plausible. The :d: + :mk: or :d: + :hk: has to actually start for the Shoryuken to be kara’d. It’s possible Ken lands on frame 54 after the :d: + :mk: or :d: + :hk: was input, but still in time for the Shoryuken to come out, less the kara.

I agree. All I’m saying is that :r:, :d:, :df: + :mk: + :lp: will not work. The devil is in the details. Same with the :d: + :hk: variation. Your kara input meets all the criteria I’ve listed, but it takes one frame longer to start. The input I’ve posted is the fastest way it can be done. It hinges on the fact that the :d: + :mk: must come one frame before the LP.

It’s no wonder people struggle with this. :lol:

Huh why would it take one more frame to start, assuming you buffer the second shoryu during the recovery and are holding dwn+twd I cannot see how it could take a frame longer to start

In the specific case of LP Shoryuken, kara LP Shoryuken, both input methods hit on exactly the same frame. The bulk of the stick motion is hidden in the very end of Ken’s landing frames. I should have explained this more thoroughly. You are quite right JAK.

Starting from the ground however (I know, I know, almost no use for it right?), RTSD’s method takes 1 frame longer. Look at the difference in inputs;

RTSD: :r:, :d:, :df: + :mk:, :lp: (4 Frames)
_XEN: :r:, :d: + :mk:, :df: + :lp: (3 Frames)

Each comma denotes a frame.

So you can hit your directions for 1 frame exactly? Get real, anyone buffers the srk motion during the landing of the previous srk, then presses HK/MK,LP.

That wasn’t my original point. One tangent has lead to another here and now we’re way off topic. I’m tinkering with a programmable input system under an emulator. The kara Shoryuken was one of the first things I looked into, to get some definitive results, which I have posted. With programmable input, you can get a kara Shoryuken out in exactly the same number of frames as a regular Shoryuken.

The kara Shoryuken method you’ve mentioned is the best way to input it. This should be written up and stickied once and for all.

I think you can do :r::d::df:+:mk:~:lp: you just need to buffer the first :r: and :d: before ken land and then only two input remain :df:+:mk: and :lp:.