Timing for rolling dash grab into character exchange?

Hey guys, so I don’t really have a second character yet but im interested in nina. But anyway, I been doing jump mk to st.mp , C.hp xx H. Geyser , ivory cutter , rolling dash grab/Backhand slap and then bring in the next character , but it only seems to work half the time, can anyone do that exchange consistently? i can’t find the right moment to press mp mk. If you have suggestions please let me know, thanks =)

Sorry I am 7 months late, but yes. The Rolling dash cancel is pretty consistent for me.

First punches off the HCF motion
Second punches off the slap
Third punches after Nina’s model locks eyes with you on the screen when the character looks forward

Throw tag? You do it just when Nina grabs the other characters hand. Plinking makes it sooo much easier. Watch desks video about throw tagging(its old) and slow it down to see it. I had it down almost every time till I stopped playing. In a couple training sessions I have been able to get it pretty consistantly/offline.

I posted a couple videos on YouTube with Paul and Gief using the throw tag. One just a timing video I use with Gief. The ones with Paul are just high damage examples. They can all be blocked and neutral jumped but you could play off that. I would love to see the better players see what they could come up with. Online is dreadful to do it. But that is what I have.