Timing for s.HP post HCB K

I know it works, I get it when I spam it, what particular frame of animation am I supposed to press the button.

go by sound after she’s done shouting. thats how i get it consistently

Sounds like a plan. Thanks, also her SA2 followup off s.HP isn’t working for me neither. (heck, nor her SA1 off UOH) Is it a cancel or link? and is the timing supposed to be impossible?

The best visiual cue is when thier feet hit the ground, hit the FP. right after that.

Takes a little practice for sure and the timing on Arcade and DC is a little different. Arcade you have a lot more time to do it, dreamcast is a lot quicker. PS2 feels a little inbetween but could just be my imagination.

The timing for FP -> SAII takes a while to get down. It is a cancel, not a link. Ive been practicing it for like a YEAR or something at this point and about 75% on it. :lol:

What helped me a lot is someone posted to hold back on the joystick while they are in the karakusa, when she drops them, press FP, do a HCF, then another QCF and then hit the coressponding kick button depending on where you have the grabbed. Holding back on the joystick helps me not accidently press down and FP getting a sweep while trying to whip the super out.

Just do 50 each side every day and you’ll get better at it. That’s what I do. :\

Thanks for the help, I can’t get it by sight, and I’m doing it by sound (eventually i might associate the sight with the sound) but sound is getting me to 1/3 attempts at the moment. Thanks for that. Lastly, I still cannot for the life of me combo SA2 off s.HP what’s the timing for that? early or late?

you using stick or pad?
in anycase don’t start the motion for d~f,d~f till after you actually push heavy punch(in other words makes sure your left hand is in neutral position when you press it and the super lands when your back is in the corner. haunts said somethin about hold back and after you hit heavy punch go 180 to foward then down forward punch.

o yea one more thing when you catch someone with the grab and your positioned to land SAII consentrate on landing that neutral h.p then do your super as fast as you can.

dpad on DC. It’s tough on the fingers but I’ve developped a callous making it a ok. Yeah it’s bitching. Makoto is really tough to play, a lot of this input is super tight (as opposed to most 3d fighters which don’t really require tight timing). Thanks though, I’ve now managed to do the combo (HP->SA2) exactly once.

I suggest you not practice on DC unless you’re never going to touch the arcade/PS2/Xbox versions. It has input lag where as the other ports/arcade version doesn’t, so I can’t imagine how much more difficult it is on DC…

i just memorize the timing… talkin bout visual and auditory cues… hehe

Is it possible to cancel into SA2 after s.HP from any point on the screen? I’m having trouble when Makoto corners an opponent, but I’m unsure if it’s because I’m too slow or if it’s because it’s not possible because of how far she has to travel during her super.

nope. has too be on YOUR half of the screen :slight_smile: