Timing for specials different for certain characters?

I’ve been messing around with Ibuki a lot lately and I noticed that its alot harder to do a :df::df: SRK or :df::d::df: SRK. So I tried it with Sagat and Ryu, but had no problems. I remember when I first started playing HDR it felt like the timing for fireballs was different between Sagat and Ken, but I just figured it was my shitty execution. Also these were raw SRK’s not canceled. Just curious if anybody else noticed this besides me.

frame data? maybe?

maybe try using the proper input instead of the shortcuts? :dp:

[insert debate about :df::df: not being a real shortcut]

With ibuki, the shortcut only works with her f, d, df, K attack. It won’t work for f, d, df, p, or b, d, db, k. I think they probably came out to often on accident due to overlapping inputs.

Oh okay, thanks.

Ah and here I thought Ibuki didn’t have a mashable reversal. Good to know.