Timing in SFA3 compared to SSF2T?

Does anyone else have trouble with switching between SSF2T and SFA3? I’m asking because it’s really bothering me that I can execute stuff 100% of the time in Super Turbo, but in Alpha 3 half the time I struggle with simple stuff. I’ll throw out a deep jumping roundhouse, but then don’t get a crouching attack to combo off it, whereas if I was playing Super Turbo it’s so easy.

The same with super motions, like in Super Turbo I can do Guile or Zangief’s super consistently, but struggle with getting out a simple double QCF super in Alpha 3. Is the timing in the two games really that different? Unless it’s the speed settings or something, because I play both in Turbo 2. Just wondering if anyone else experiences the same thing or whether it’s all in my head. :shake: