Timing Madness



I can only seem to do this ocassionally on Super Street Fighter IV AE and was wondering if anyone could provide frame data or timing for the execution. Easiest way for me to describe it is a hadouken canceled into a super hadouken, so that they both execute (more or less) at the same time. This is from across the screen (it’s easily done at close quarters c.LP-hadouken-super).


Found an excellent video on YouTube discussing exactly what I’m attempting, for anyone interested. The video in full discusses buffering of input to cancel a move into a super.

Specific block: 5:48-6:20


Good job finding your own answer.


Thanks Dannkk. I’m fairly new to SSF4AE (or any fighting game, as I’m primarily FPS) but the way I seem to learn is challenge myself with technical concepts. Got the aforementioned challenge down pretty well (4/5 consecutively for about 10 sets). New challenge with Ryu is Shoryuken>fadc>metsu-hadouken.


You can use the input buffer to help do that, also. After you do your dp, hold the stick in the DF position while your pressing the focus attack. This will buffer the first forward input of your dash. Then you just press forward once to dash out of your focus.

And you should be fine if you just keep working at the game like that. One thing at a time. Watch all the videos you can. Read the Domination 101 articles and Maj’s website(sonichurricane.com). To many people come in here expecting things to be spoon fed to them, and even though you made a new thread and should have asked in the newbie question thread or Saikyo Dojo, you answered your own question. You’ll fit in here.