Timing on blocking


I have a sorta noobish question about blocking…

If you’re walking back and forth, playing the footsie game, and reacting to a projectile to block, how long must you hold back before the game allows you to block?

I played some matches where I would be walking back and forth, and while my character was actually walking backwards for a few frames, they failed to block the projectile. I should also note that this was played online as well.


That should never happen. It was probably due to the lag. You might have been holding back on the stick, but because of the input delay your character failed to block in time.

The game has an inherent 4f input delay, so technically if a move is less than 4f away from hitting you, you cannot block in time if you weren’t doing so already.


If the match is online, you will probably are experiencing the netcode buffer. You probably have seen how all the inputs are “recorded” in extreme laggy situations. That means that if you were doing mostly footsies without pressing buttons the netcode will “buffer” from left to right several times. So in the situation where you have to block a fireball, the recorded inputs (the buffer) still haven’t finished to show on display those inputs (left-right ad nauseum) and that’s why you can’t block.