Timing on Morrigan Bnb's



Hey guys I was looking through the forum and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I’m having trouble with the timing on her s. L, s.M, c.H, f.H jump forward j.M, H, S land s.M, f.H repeat

I can never get the j.M, H, S timed right that I can land and do the s.M and f.H to continue the combo. I watched Darchon’s video of it where he mentioned something about delaying the M,H,S but it’s not working for me. Any advice? Sorry if this has been asked already



Put delay between the j.H and the j.S


Thanks Pat! I figured out the part of my timing issue was with the j.M. It’s like you have to connect it almost instantly for you you to be at the right height. Still having trouble with this supposedly basic combo uh lol