Timing on s.fp--> mk demon flip crossup?



Hi guys, just a quick question about akuma’s reset from lk tatsu into s.fp into mk demon

when im doing this it isn’t crossing up, what exactly is the timing? im pretty much pressing K again at the top of his flip. im doing this vs sagat i dont know if it makes a difference, but i’ve only made akuma cross up like twice.

please help!!! :rock:


vs. Sagat you need to hk demon flip coz his hitbox is so tall


Yea against the larger characters you have to HK flip unless you are in a corner.


On characters like ryu it’s all about spacing depending on how far away you hit them before lk tatsu will depend on whether on not mk df will cross up. c.LPx3->lk tatsu->cl.HP reset->MK dF kick will almost always not cross up because of spacing. Go to training mode and learn your spacing :slight_smile:

Edit: tested it is also about when you kick during the dive kick. Against ryu in training mode if I waited to press kick during dF just a little longer I had abetter change to cross up.


ah i see. thanks!


It is character specific.