Timing on standing mp?

Ok ive been getting problems in the middle of the chicken combo. MP(1 hit)>chicken>MP(1 hit)>chicken. I mostly miss the chicken the second time because if I do it early the second hit of mp comes out or (the majority of the time) I miss the kick. When I do it later the mp comes out completly. I know there are diffrent timings with chars, but is there something I’m not looking at? When I’m in a match for some reason I hit it more than I miss, but when I’m practicing I miss a lot.

Practice on dudley. The timing for each one is the same as the first.

It is very, very likely you’re doing it too early. Try doing it much later than you are, and try juggling them too late, just to get a good feel of the timing.

As the characters you’re juggling get smaller, the timing gets stricter, but Dudley is way easy.

I wouldn’t say way later, but slightly later than you are. If you are missing the kick against Shotos that’s because they require stricter timing than the other characters, especially Ryu. You have to try aiming for the belt, it takes practice but if you can manage to hit that you’re going to land the kick.

Practice on shotos. If you can land it on them you can land it on anybody.

Practice on akuma hes the hardest.

I would say Hugo in the corner is the hardest because of the way he looks when he falls. Then shotos/Makoto. Then everyone else (keep in mind that the twins need to be slightly off the ground when you do it to them midscreen).