Timing punishes SFV


Hey all,

One area I hav always felt pretty shaky on is the timing of punishes in SFV. By this I mean my response to an opponent hitting me with an unsafe move, negative enough for a free hit.

I know most of what I can punish but I have problems getting the timing right. Some times there is no room for error; it’s like a 1 frame link except I don’t initiate the combo. And every character has different animations with different blockstun values so it seems like a ton of reactions to commit to muscle memeory. Plus any online lag really makes it harder.

Long story short, I usually have the most success when I mash out the start of my punishes. Is this bad? Should I know the matchup so well that I can single tap a punish for every move?

Thanks for any advice.


@jujumbura Not in online you shouldn’t. Mashing out a punish is perfectly normal and even high level players do it. JonesArcade mashes out DPs sometimes. Online makes it difficult to time a lot of things as every connection to each different player can bring about a new set of numbers as far as frame delay lag goes. Just learn what moves are punishable and do whatever you need to do to get the punish out, whether that’s mashing or whatever. Good luck man.