Timing/Techniques on Opponent's Wakeup

I’ve been seriously interested in playing AE as of late, so I decided to take the plunge and buy a copy (prior to this, I had mostly been playing HD Remix, then I went to Basic–now in AIT). Anyways, when I watch match videos, it seems like competitve players just seem to jump in after a non-techable knockdown and continue to pressure their opponent (whether it’s with a jump-in normal, a crouching normal, or with a special move of some sort–J.R. Rodriguez demon flip mixups come to mind).

However, when I try the aforementioned techinques, they’re all quickly beaten out by a mashed-out shoryuken/ultra/super of some sort when I play the only “decent”–and I use the term very loosely–player in my company. This results in my having to play more defensively so as to not be hit by mashed-out randomness. Simple mindgames, such as standing close to my opponent’s downed character, and then dashing back as he mashes out shoryu for the nth time is definitely good for the bait-and-punish approach, but I’d like to continue developing my rushdown and smothering my opponent (Uryo’s rushdown style with Sakura comes to mind).

So my question is: What am I doing wrong? Is it the timing of my jump-ins, or when I throw out techniques? Or is it the specific move I throw out that gives him the opportunity to retaliate with an Ultra (i.e. attempted meaty f. hp by Ryu stuffed by mashed-out Ultra).

It’s the specifcs of what move caused the untechable knockdown (sweep, demon flip, etc.) combined with the amount of frames that the opponent has until they can get up. Setting up those sick Akuma and Sakura mixups is pretty frame and character-specific stuff, and will quickly go beyond the specifics of the NSD for character-specific safe jump setups to beat out 4-frame reversals or to mess up autocorrect DPs. However, most characters can bait out mashed Ultra with a meaty that recovers fairly quickly, such as crouch jabs and shorts.

You can’t practice mindgames on someone mashing uppercut. Just take the win. If you want them to get better so you have better competition, tell them that they’re idiots for mashing.

There are safe jumps in this game on knocked down opponents. There are also crossups that beat reversal uppercuts because on the reversal frame you haven’t crossed up but then you end up behind your opponent after their move comes out. This is one of the reasons why Ryu/Akuma crossup tatsu is so cheap- instead of just being a crossup, it usually will beat the opponent’s reversal if done on the enemy’s wakeup. But then you’re scared to uppercut so then they start doing normal jumps that aren’t crossups and getting hilarious damage full combos.

Safe offense is good offense. If you are scared of reversal uppercut, either you aren’t punishing hard enough or you need new setups. Sometimes the juicy stuff isn’t safe, but good players make it look like you’re doing something else so that they don’t punish you. Of course some things are absolutely retarded, like the Akuma forward throw and cammy back throw unblockables.