Timing the Dash Attack after SA II

I have a hard time getting his Charge B then F+P to combo after SA II, what’s the trick to it?

Practice. Or countng to 2. But, seriously, practice.

In all honesty, you’re usually better off taunting twice after it.

Yeah I know, but what if I’ve done all 3 P.A.s after his HCB+K? XD
Yeah I think I’ll practice it then.

Capture+Deadly Blow into dashing head canceled to SA2 can’t be linked after that, you know that, right? You can do Dashing head to SA2, then the dashing head, but Q doesn’t have enough hits on his juggles after SA2 on juggles to connect after it.

Actually I’d say that’s more of an exception than the norm. Totally depends on the character you’re facing, how much life he/she has left, how much life you have left, where on the screen you are, which round it is, and how many taunts you already have.

My trick (outside of the corner) is to mash on d/b+lp until I see one come out, then go right into a dash punch. Seems to work most of the time.

Ah I see, thanks guys, so i can’t combo after SA II unless they’re stunned?

If you did C&DB into rush punch xx saII, then yes you are correct.

Beat me to it.

I often find myself going for the extra hit more often against Yun and Yang. Then again, that’s one of the few matchups I choose SAII over SAI anyway. Besides w/ the extra hit you still get 1 taunt off. Sometimes I do extra hit then two taunts anyway heh.

If you hit a clean SAII, I usually recommend doing the OH Dash Punch, which connects into another LP Dash Punch with practice. The OH Dash Punch is easier to land.

That doesn’t work.

whatwhatwhat? I know its hard but I thought that I saw that in the clawstraphobia vid. Given, I can’t charge partition worth shit, but I thought it was at least possible.

You can only hit once after SA2. If you hit someone in the air with a dash punch and cancel into SA2 you can’t hit after it at all.

Oh, I was thinking of out of the Capture+deadly blow. My bad.

Hmm I find this combo:
Jumping :hp:–>Standing :mk:–>Charge :l: then :r:+:mp:xxSA II taking nearly HALF a life bar (Tested on Ryu & Ken!). Getting the Dash Attack to combo still needs some practice, but I’ll try this ‘Count to 2’ thing.