Timing too easy on ps2?

hi, i only received my aisan ps2 a few days ago and i’ve only started to practice(not playing against human opponent) so i have found out that this game is soo different compared to DC. I would like to know what your veiws on the timing of this on ps2 compared to aracade(coz i have no arcade for 200 miles). i find that all the links icl: crouching mk xx genei xx crouching mk xx combo of choice is too easy and cr mp x 2 v.easy too. is it harder on to do on aracade/against certain characters?


I find the timing much easier in the arcade. I still can’t do s.lp, s. lk, s. mp XX Genjin -> s.mp, s. hp XX hp shoulder tackle in the PS2 version. =/

I used to have that problem too. Just wait a little bif before you do the fierce.

Is it s. fierce or f+fierce?

For the combo you described above, it’s st.fierce. f.fierce is in the coner.