Yo, I have never pulled off the corner unblockable where you do a

cr. f, mk shoulder, xx lp Ageis then I guess rh destroy?

Which destroy is it & what is the timing?

Correct me if wrong.

But sometimes it’s not timing. If the juggle is maxed out, it’ll push them rather than hit.

And to time it. I think you need to push them(Kneedrop) a bit after they hit the Aegis.

And Roundhouse.

you just need to sit and wait for the right time to execute the kneedrop. differenct characters have different recovery speeds. If you watch a urien doing this to a chun, you notice that the urien just sits there crouching for some time. you pretty much want to coming down on them as soon as theyre about to get hit by the 1st hit of the aegis.

Ah ok. So according to you, you have to start the kneedrop before they even hit.

Cool. Thanks, I’ll try it out

You could also go for:

cr. FP, MK Crusk -->LP Aegis, HP/MP Sphere (depends on who you’re up against) --> Destroy HK/MK; I think that after this you still have time for another Destroy (Unblockable)

I appreciate the advice, but that shit is useless.:wonder:

Which characters is this setup best for & what are the proper techniques to performing these flashy moves??:wonder:

-Much appreciated

Sorry of posting but I just started la ughing out loud of what you just said. You are 100% right

to work, the tackle and aegis must hit as low as possible to the ground (delay the tackle as long as you can)
then, start the hk kneedrop as soon as the aegis comes out (normally, depending on juggle height you wait a little, but the goal is to allign Urien’s upper body with the oponents, just to push him/her into the aegis for the right spot)

and after that, depends on which character you’re facing (whiff cr.mkx2, mk kneedrop for chun, makoto, etc)

for chun, makoto, dudley, alex, elena, Q and chars that can be hitted by the sphere, the cr.hp, lk tackle, lp sphere, lk/mk tackle xx lp aegis leaves you at the correct height for the thing

personally I prefer the whiff tackle to mk kneedrop and the jump, dash partition knee drop ones, they don’t mess up if you hit the opponent

*Feels useless :sweat:

Good shit man. Thanks a bunch!:tup: