Having trouble with…


S. HK, sj., sj. lp, sj. lp, DpRp, (Pause), sj. HP, sj. HK, land, j. lk, j. HP.

Having trouble landing the j. lk, j. HP. Timing?


S. HK, sj., sj. lk, FLY, up+ lk + Cap.Com, Dp Rp, (assist hits), lk, RP.

can’t get the FLY lk to combo. doing it too slowly?

for the first one, do launch, majic series, rp(you have to see how you’re doing it to determin which to do), hp, hk*, j, lk, hk

**you halfta do the hk right as u see the guy about to hit the ground… that’ll knock him back up.

as for the 2nd ff combo… just practice doing fly, neutral, forward, lk…
no rolling the stick… neutral is key.

gl otherwise

crazy av:eek: