Tinder cofounder can't handle rejection, gets hit with sexual harass lawsuit (WITH TEXTS)


I know that here at srk we white knights are always at the forefront fighting against sexism and douchebaggery and sending trannies to japan. #yesallwomen #whyineedfeminism
Its a tought fight but someone’s got to do it.

So the tinder cofounder guy dated his direct report, but when they broke up, he flipped out and sent psychotic texts to her. she’s now suing for sexual harassment. I’m looking at these texts and they are lulz (PIX IN THE LINK). My thoughts:

  1. I always preached why you should NEVER EVER date coworkers. horny dudes on srk always seemed to disagree with me. this is a textbook example.
  2. point #1 goes doubly so if you have the emotional maturity of a ten year old. the dude is supposed to be rich and powerful, yet he’s sending pathetic, whiny, needy texts to her asking who she’s seeing and why.
  3. if you breakup with someone, stop contacting them. yet another reason why you should never date coworkers.



What’s to discuss? I have always stood by my mantra of “Even one dollar is worth more than any woman for without that income, her being is not present.”

In other words


because only men send stupid text messages after a breakup


That nigga crazy


Let them make their mistakes then.


Fishjie is a man, when he needs to break up, he gets really drunk and hands me his phone and asks me to break things off with his girlfriend.


Had to close my Tinder account… Swiped right by accident on an uggo and of course, a few mins later that “You’ve got a match!” notice came up. She initiated and kept spamming my inbox, even though I didn’t ever respond to her. SMH.


What is tinder?


First the CEO from RadiumOne gets called out(that guy who beat his girlfriend on tape) and now this guy. I guess these guys never learn…

Than again, this isn’t something that is only unique to the rich. This kind of thing happens all the time everywhere and every single day. In this case the guy happens to be rich and in a position of power.


I recently closed mine a month ago for the same exact reason. Smdh…it was fun while it lasted tho…put a few joints from there on my team


tl;dr, my eyes started to dry up half way through it. I agree, relationships in the work place is stupid, and not letting it go and spending your time crying about it is even more idiotic. Dude deserves to get all his app money taken from him, but she shouldn’t get jack either, takes 2 to tango and when it’s in this situation, they are both at fault.


If I was a judge presented with this case, I’d throw it out on grounds of being ‘typical break-up shit.’ Take this shit to middle school court. Not even the big high school judges got time for this childish shit. Ain’t no one being harassed, and dude better chill and move on before he ends up in a relationship with a cellmate.

Damn, I should be a judge. :coffee:



she not even hot doe…


This is why women shouldn’t be dating men.

This is why men shouldn’t be dating women.

It always ends up with harassment and a law suit.


lol. nerds create dating apps to get pussy…the world just benifits. but has no real world skills to survive.

tinder is the easiest fuckin game for dating…the amount of matches i get is absurd…and when i actually leave the state it triples. the co-creator is a nutjob, but i wanna high five him cuz his job let me nut…in girls.


Dude for real. I clicked the link and first thing i thought was “Man she ain’t even that attractive.” You really gonna a lose an ass load of money over that? :shake:


Hey facebook guy married the 5.5/10 asian girl he stalked and creeped on myspace.


I can’t believe he was all hung up over that Golem looking bitch…DA PRECIOUS!!! But seriously, I would never date a co-worker regardless of hotness. I have seen that blow up in every single co-worker’s face I have ever worked with, remember kids don’t shit where you eat! His texts are hilarious, I wonder if he was listening to Papa Roach “Scars” while writing them?


I expect a wedding 2 years laters, why?



… But I loved her