Tiny Arcade Machine

So I was going through youtube and I saw that it recommended me this video. The guy made a tiny MK1 arcade cabinet. I did not make this video. I just want to share this with the community.



He also did a little tutorial on how to make one. Although it isn’t the same game, I believe he used the same concept as this video


Lets see if anyone else can make one. Donovan maybe?

lloks like the mortal kombat joystick would get in the way, but it cabinets look clean. Especially that cocktail cabinet.

I could swear i saw rtdzign make a neo geo similar to that somewhere on these forums


Well yea rtdzign is one talented muther&%^$ and lots of props to you.
I used to have one of those kong arcades as a kid…memries…

cool minis. I was waiting to see some Street Fighter. I liked that he did Scorpion’s fatality. XD

Yeah there was a guy that made a mini mvs.
Weeeeeeeee! Project 4000 ? Shut Up & Read

really gotta make one of these. the MVS mini cab is pretty slick.

pretty awesome. first time i have seen this.

that is hella tight, i want one, lol

Pocketlucho also did the following:


This guy is amazing, no doubt

That MK machine was amazing.

Speedsterharry, i want to play that daytona usa now LOL.

LOL, I can’t help but think of this song when reading the title of the thread. [media=youtube]oGpRD2bLxY0[/media]

That Daytona machine is awesome, but that gas pedal. Seems a bit tricky to access if you’re going to play with manual shifting.

Makes me miss my mini arcade I built like 5 years ago. mini arcade pictures by gocontourgo - Photobucket

Maybe not as pretty or as small as those others, but it was a functional JAMMA minicab.

Cool looking Daytona but would probably be a bitch to play…But im sure its a hell of a lot easier to put one of those in a gameroom then a full size twin haha