Tiny Character Advantages

Lets talk about the less talked about features of each characters, advantages and disadvantages no one really talks about. Some examples:

Advantage - Oro has no quickstand animation. His body just kinda slides and he’s back up, making it slightly more difficult to tell if he’s quickstanding or not (though he makes a noise).

Disadvantage - Yun/Yang have the longest, most obvious whiff throw animation.

Disadvantage - Q seems to have the longest blockstun. Makoto seems to have the longest hitstun. (not 100% on these, but I’ve noticed Q has to redparry things everyone else can blue parry, and Dudley can link a MGB into Rolling Thunder on Makoto only).

Other examples?

i thought all block stuns were the same?

Like I said, I wasn’t 100% on that. But for some reason, Q has to red parry many moves, like the last hit on Chun’s SAII. It might be extended only for certain moves.

I always assumed those hitstun/blockstun exceptions were because of differences in hitbox shape and size. Characters having different block and hitstun (frame-wise) sounds a little too extreme to me.

And I asked Jinrai about whiff throw a long time ago and he said the animation is 21 frames for every character. I think I’ll test it later.

I don’t know about Yang’s grab being a disadvantage because doesn’t it have a little bit more of range to it since he leans forward a little? I’m not sure but I find that I beat a lot of ken users grabs when they get close to me, before they can grab me.

I also noticed that the block cancel (I don’t know what you really call it, but its when both player grabs at the same time and both the grabs gets cancelled), occurs a lot less with Yang than when I use Ken.

Over a 60 second period, there seems to be no desynchronizing between two characters’ whiff throw animations. Also, Yun and Yang’s whiff throw doesn’t make the noise that it does for other characters. I didn’t try everyone though, but enough to say that the animation is probably the same length for all. I’d also say that Urien’s is the most obvious.

Hmm what else…

Disadvantage: Because of slippers and taller hair, Akuma can get hit by triple c.LK xx super and can’t duck under certain high moves that other shotos can, like Alex’s standing MP and I’m sure other moves.

Advantage: Chun, Oro, and some others are so short when crouching that they duck under the first hits of EX MGB. Also makes it difficult to do c.MK x jab srk with Ken against Oro, Remy, etc. due to crouching hitbox shape.

Advantage: Yun and Yang don’t have crouching pre- and post-jump frames, minimizing damage taken when in that position (eg. after being parried). They also have faster jump startup which lessens the chance of being meatied out of pre-jump.

Advantage: Dudley and Alex can never be double srked from the ground twice.

Are those too obvious? They don’t seem as unspoken about as the ones you said.

Remy vs. Chun. If you are playing on Chun’s stage, Remy can throw low sonic booms midscreen that get hidden by the table sprite which makes it hard to differentiate between the strengths of the fireballs and thus, making it difficult to parry

is there a list of people who Ken can’t double SRK? in and out of the corner?

Yeah, there is: http://mopreme.livejournal.com/

At the bottom.

I always found this one kind of interesting

advantage: Uriens EX Aegis Reflector comes out in 1 frame! Compared to his regular reflectors, 12/24/32.

However it does come out at a 45 degree angle. Makes you appreciate how well RX can combo with it.

Sean has that same problem. Must be the dreads.

And also, all forms of Urien’s Earthsphere of death thing… including ex.

Or the suck, in sean’s case.

you can link supers/other stuff on a crouching oro no matter what range it connects at. I needa remember that when i fight oros

Oro and Chun can crouch under Urien’s lp fireball? I thought it was just EX… and just Chun.

Oro can crouch too, but only under EX one.

advantage: dudleys defense is fucking strong for a character of his calibur

Man, I just had to quote this because it’s fucking ridiculous and I’ve always hated it. There’s no way I could call this a tiny advantage. They duck under so much shit it’s obscene. Chun can duck Oro’s far standing MK. HIS FAR S.MK. Elena and Oro too…BUT FUCK CHUN. I can understand characters ducking high hitting moves…but mid hitting moves?!

I mean, in my opinion, it’s a huge advantage. Characters are lucky if they have even a single move that hits high that these characters can’t duck. I can’t even stress how broken this is. If 95% of the moves that can potentially hit you are low, parrying low becomes a real nice option. Fucking broken ass shit.

Advantage: Makoto’s Hp/EX Fukiage can dodge fireballs (don’t tested agains S.A. I of Ryu/Gouki, but im think she can dodge it w the Hp//Ex Fukiage)

The only example that comes to my mind is Dudley vs Makoto s.rh X Ducking Uppercut on standing opponent.
Works on Makoto only, though there are wider characters.

My theory is that some specific looking hitstuns (like s.rh hitstun on Makoto) might have an extra frame on some characters.

Even if that’s right it doesn’t solve the blockstun problem, since characters usually block exactly the same.
So I guess the hitbox explanation would be better in the end…