Tip against DJ players

When DJ does short hop you can counter with cr.forward into tatsu or sweep.
I don’t see a lot of players do it so i just wanted to give you guys a head up :slight_smile:
also if he does light rolling sobat you can counter with either cr. or standing strong if in footsie range.

Cool. You just helped me get to Master on XBL.

Thanks for the tip, I was struggling with that matchup a bit.


Hate that crap eating grin too, here’s some tools that helped me out of my notes:

The DJay fight. 5/5
-Safe Jump = Yes
-Focus games = Minimum

General Knowldedge:

-Defensive characters’ greatest strengths are nullified if you take away the life lead, because if you don’t have to go in to win a lot of their tools are worthless. do that when he has no meter

-Footsies can be fairly dangerous since lk & ex sobot blow up his cr fwd.

  • In the beginning of the round when nobody has meter the match is like a 6.5 -5.5 you’re your favor. Him without meter makes your fire ball terrifying to him anywhere on screen, take the opportunity, build meter, maintain the life lead, frustrate, what ever. The only option he has in this situation is jump, or focus dash and his dash sucks; so he’s as easy as Honda to zone now.

-Never Jump if you can then the DJay sucks. Safe jumps needs to be perfect if he has meter. Ex Jacknife is 4 frames. The regular ones are 6 or more.

-All versions of the rolling sobot are punishable on block with sweep and give you a free safe jump opportunity.

-A meaty hit confirmable cr. jab/ short on wake up works really well if he doesn’t have super or ultra. All the jackknifes whiffs crouchers, EX machine gun upper is 12 frames so you’ll be able to block after your meaty whiffs.

-This fight is split in to two categories Deejay with meter, and without meter. With two sub categories for each; life lead or no life lead

Deejay with no meter:

Life lead
-Zone and build on your life lead
and meter, Now he’s fairly free

No life lead
-Use safe fire balls to push him in the corner
-Go in with low fwd & cr mp ON THE GROUND,
jump sparingly! Getting knocked down or thrown
will help him build a bar

Deejay with meter:

Life lead
Stay on the ground and try to bait
ex Sobots while keeping up with your
fire ball pressure. Here footsies risk
the life lead because of ex Sobot, keep
him on the tip of cr mk if you have to
press the button, and only do so if he
doesn’t have a back charge

No life Lead
Life sucks right now. All you got here is to
walk him to the corner as he lames you out.
Try not to take to much damage in the
process and don’t focus too much, ex sobot
will easily punish that and send you to the to
other side of the screen.