Tip: How to always get Shienkyaku over Tenshin right after walking forward

This is an small tip I’ve discovered on how to get rid of the annoying input overlap of Tenshin over Shienkyaku right after walking forward.

Everyone who have played Fei a bit knows that if you input (B, D, DB, B + K) right after walking forward the game is going to understand you want to do a Tenshin instead a Shienkyaku, which totally sucks, and most likely you’ll be punished as hell if you were trying to counter an opponent’s jump-in attack.

So, the small tip consists on inputting (DB, D, DF, D, DB + K) instead of the above motion.

This way we are turning the infamous shortcut system in our favour (I actually thought this would never happen with Fei) and it’s guaranteed the Shienkyaku is going to be the input move.** Just remember, it’s very important that you never, ever, input a (F) or a (B) during the shortcut Shienkyaku motion**, because then the Tenshin will be the move that will come out.

This is specially easy to do in a joystick, and even easier on a japanese square restrictor (like the Madcatz SE or TE fightstick), because the only thing you have to be sure is that you are pressing down the joystick while you do all the way from (DB, DF, DB).

So no more being somewhat afraid of walking forward because you don’t want to lose the input of the Flame Kick if the opponent attempts to do a jump-in on you.

Hope this advice helps somebody!

this isn’t really working for me, i still have to put a slight pause in there to avoid tenshin. which is a big enough pause to eat the jump in unless i predicted it.

anyone else try this and care to share their results?

i’ve given up on walk forward->flame kick for the most part… i just s.hk now

hope they fix this shit in super.

this shit happens to me all the time and was pissed and confused as to why the stupid move kept coming out instead of the flame kick. I thought it was because Im overly excited that I hit Kick too early…

I better try this out this weekend.

This is much better in super, I’m yet to get an accidental Tenshin!

Huge buff IMO :rofl: