Tip: When cancelling a normal into Instant Tenko, just qcf then mash lp+lk



Since you can’t cancel into throw, it won’t come out.


Why? Just plink it. Qcf+K~HP~MP~LP.


Well I play on a 6-button pad so it’s impossible to plink like that. Any other way?


Can’t you just map some shoulder buttons to punch-buttons?


I use qcf+LK~MP. Using for index finger LK to middle finger MP, like a piano motion.


Hi. I have an easier way of inputing SEPPO. But it will require some button Mapping. THe trick is to map the throw (fp,fk) into one and single button.

When inputing QCF+THROW, the game will automatically do SEPPO.
By reppressing THROW during SEPPO, the game will translate it into a TENKO

This can help for trial 6.


After trying many different methods, I think I’m sticking with rolling my thumb from lk to lp.


Yup i do the same method as the OP, i just do qcf and double tap LP+LK works fine.


Odd, when I tried to qcf+throw. It just performed throw.


It doesn’t work raw. Only do it when cancelling from a normal.


You can Seppo without cancelling… but it’s not a real QCF motion… it’s a bit wider… you have to extended to up foward.

QCF-up forward + Throw.


I use a 6-button pad and I plink. If I’m doing a tenko after s.mp or c.mp I just roll my thumb from mk~mp, and If I’m doing the juggle tenko after that hits I hit lk with my thumb and hp with my pinky.


Doesn’t work.



I don’t understand what dafeetlee is trying to say here. I suck at reading those button press thingies at the side. By drumming, does he means doing qcf+k~PPP for tenko?

And for the Orochi = qcf + K, d+PPP?

Wish he showed his hands instead.


It’s what’s been said in many threads and many posts. You do qcf+k, then you press HP, then MP then LP, or whatever punch-buttons in whatever order in quick succession. So, qcf+k~HP~MP~LP or qcf+k~LP~MP~HP. Basically it gives you 3 shots at hitting it, making it VERY easy and consistent from things like crlp xx jft or crmk xx jft.



Here is a video of senpo tenko orochi using the option select wih throw. Unfortunately, its a quick vid and my skill in video editing sux. So i apologise for the poor quality.

So i binded the throw command in the right corner of the arcade stick. As for the motion, its an extended qcf up forward like said above. ( look in the input in the video at theend ).

This trick makes it easier for performing senpo tenko since you dont mess dont mess punch and kick. However it is still hard to perform. Indeed, even if you perform the left hand motion right, pressing throw too soon will result in a throw, too late and you ll be jumping forward.



What I do qcf lk and lp, mp,hp


I’m having a bit of trouble with this.

Do you do it like this always or just when canceling? Also do you use your thumb to press kick (LK)?

I’m a beginner with fightstick and I never use my thumb, it feels like it is not as precise as my other fingers. So I generally use my index finger for LK, but then I find it really hard to press HP~MP~LP fast enough.
Wondering if I should start training to use my thumb.


I think it depends on what’s most consistent. Mago uses his index finger, Momochi uses his thumb. Practice both and whatever works best go with it.


Are you sure? Too me it looks like Mago sometimes uses his thumb in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWf8M0E5bRk
Maybe my eyes are betraying me though, because he is so damn fast… how can you press so many buttons and still be precise.