Tips against Cable /w sentinel drones?

What is a good way to attack a Cable who has sentinel drones? If I sj he usually grenades to keep me out with the help of an aaa like capcom. J.fp from Cable as well to try and keep distance between Hulk.

Any tips in general against Cable users would be appreciated. :lovin:

Cable is hulk’s easiest god tier match-up for the most part. Still can’t make many mistakes or it’s ahvb x 3 as always…


ALL his special moves are weak to gamma charge. Any ground viper or hyper viper… gamma charge xx super to punish… ground grenade you must anticipate and g.charge at the same time he releases (you go under) but its free… same shitck… cancel to super.

His air specials ALL get owned by just gamma charging under him and canceling to g.crush. He even floats at a good height to get unmashables and sometimes double crushes.

VS cable with capt. mando…

When ur at full screen sj up and slightly fwd… the goal is to get him to call mando while your in the air. (its an easy goal) either pushblock it or make it whiff in front of you… then hold down+fwd and hit fp (hulk does a big clap) this will make you drop in on his head before mando can be recalled.

You can also get close… block so he calls mando… counter call mando with an assist and IMMEDIATE light g.charge fwd (will trade with instant ahvb or hit him out of hit depending on spacing.) can cancel to super if you hit… this works to much b/c cable just wants to ahvb yer assist really badly… and thinks yer to slow to stop him but if you pulled charge first… he’ll lose) if he just blocks the charge you better have meter to cancel to a safe super.

VS cable with drones

For one your sj.clap fwd doesn’t have to wait or worry bout push blocking mando. Cable however can react so you want to start the sj. when you see him do certain things… like… pull out s.hp (the gun). Push his ass back into the corner and when you see him call sent g.crush his ass (sent) then DHC out… cable will have to block and watch sent die.

I use hulk + dooms rocks so the matchup always feels like either im locking him down and chipping or he’s trying to ahvb doom and I’m punishing him for it.

In near any matchup vs sent drones… if you have hulk, 2 meters, and your next character has a painful super to DHC to… sents not to bad. G.crush often double crushes standing sent which REALLY hurts… DHC to safe n dmging super… he’s gone. Much easier than dealing with him coming in on point.

Just play safe and cable ALWAYS leaves opening for g.charge. He can barely do anything you can’t punish with it from full screen. You don’t need to risk it all vs cable either mind you… a full life hulks doesn’t die from ahvb x 3… but a cable most certainly can die from double crush or cruch + DHC. Be safer than him.

great and when you talk about locking them down with hulk and doom i have another question. In another thread there was this posted,,, call doom rocks,, xx g.charge xx g.quake… doom rocks
finishing hitting op… start over… 100% lockdown series that damn near builds the
meter it takes to keep it going.

For some reason I have trouble connecting the mk on chars like storm consistently compared to like sent. How to adjust? Or is there another variation for smaller characters?

Are these combos practical?
They look crazy and do great dmg, but not sure how to do them. Hulk looks insanely fast.

Also for some reason when i try to do a double crush with bh aaa the character ends up elsewhere from where my crush lands. I can only consistently get double crush with bh when i c.fp bh xx gcrush (in corner). Is it possible to consistently double crush from anywhere with bh? Btw are double crushes unmashable?

For smaller characters you can omit the OR the… but then you need to do the, a bit more slowly (easy b/c hulks hits do so much blockstun.)

The stuff in that vid is great mixup and pretty easy to do in a real match… but you need to get pretty decent at it to make much use of it… takes a bit. The first combo/reset is the one you’ll be doing most. Don’t start trying the others unless they are blocking that first one consistently. IF they are doing so… then the other options are gonna work real well.

I posted them in the “how to smash stuff” thread under the advanced combos section… as “the air option stuff”… it’s exactly how it looks for inputs… BUT you need to do the, slowly while holding BACKWARD… then immediately switch to hold fwd plus (now falling) fp (the clap). The clap crosses up and hits if they aren’t blocking… KEY to not switch from hold back to hold fwd until you are ready to clap.

Also the OTG to relaunch stuff in there is somewhat fluffy… you could do falling OTG lk, xx g.charge xx super… instead of relaunch into another air combo and you’d get more dmg.

Aim the crush… it tracks them automatically… but if they are still moving at the time it chooses… it could whiff. Manually aim it where you know they will end up. I don’t majorly condone hulk with BH… but that might be mostly b/c I’m not the best with bh by a long stretch. Deathfist might have more info to help you there.

Double crushes are always unmashable. It’s mahvel so there’s always the chance something odd could happen but I don’t think I’ve had anyone mash out of a double… ever.


This is going to be a big post. Not my biggest, not even close, but it’s big.

Double crushes are a version of unmashable. Once you eat one, there’s no escape

I’ll copy the post I made in the How to Smash Stuff thread for you about Hulk-BH. I have a team specifically designed to kill a Cable-Sent with Hulk.

Here’s the Hulk-BH stuff first…

Now for the Hulk vs Cable stuff. This works to only amplify what Mad Titan said…

It’s been awhile since I’ve used Hulk, but this is something that will never change…

Don’t bother sj if Cable tries to do standing hps like Mad Titan said [although it’s good…]. it’s better to hit both punches while holding UF to instantly dashjump over it. From there you drop Jin on him, or nail him with a flying lk-mk chain into a double crush. Free damage. Drop Jin to punish Cable and blow up Sentinel [whiping out his drones…]

Here’s a combo with Blackheart, [backed by Hulk-b and Jin-b] that’s 95% or more on Cable…

Dlk, Call Hulk-b, Dmk, [sj hk, airdash back hk, hold towards, land]x2, land inside him, engage triple. You get if you time it right a floating crush that lands on the Bloodia Punch. To make matters worse, he’s getting hit by BH’s super, and he also eats a Gamma Crush. HE IS DEAD. Once perfected, this is 143 damage on Dreamcast in practice mode.

As a side note, if you like Storm, you can always do Hulk-b, Storm-y, Jin-b as well. Vs the Cable, you bait out Capcom with Storm, dash in, and low hp. If he AHVBs, you tap upback then hold back so he wastes meter [almost if not impossible to AHVB this, treat it as the latter…,]. If he viperbeams, you tap up, hk the assist, airdash forwards and try to bring the assist down ontop of him. And if you manage to launch him while he’s in the air, go sj lp, lk, mp, mk, lightning attack ufX2, lightning storm, Gamma crush. Cable Dies from full. If they’re on the ground, when you standing hp or hk, you lp, pause, then do the same air combo.

With Hulk on point you can do my double crush with the Storm variety assist the same way as with the BH assist, but you have to cross the person up while doing the combo. This also gives you access to airhtrow, Call Storm-y, air hk, land, hard gamma charge, wait, cross-up, gamma crush, hold opposite of original direction of travel. They get dropped on the tornado by Hulk going up, and Hulk comes down on them with a doublecrush. They lose Cable for free.

That’s all for now, and good luck. Although if it’s modern Cable, you probably won’t need it…