Tips against the twins?

What are some good strats against a solid Yun or Yang?

uppercut dive kicks.

don’t get hit.

Just corner them and you have actually won the game. They got like no anti air useful on wakeup. You even can throw Yang when he is using SAII on wakeup

Yun has EX dragonkicks on wakeup

Don’t let them biuld meter… You’ll hit them so much They’ll get an ex and use it to get out, Just deal the biggest damage as possible, But balancing out your mixup game too.

Just don’t eat and EX DP+K from yun, It could cost you the game, So be ready for that shit.

Well, That’s what I think…

EDIT: That was yun advice.

killing his entire meter and not as good as an SRK

what dander said, and if you think yun is going to wakeup ex dragonkick just do shortshort or low short. something low because you can just crouch and it will wiff

I didn’t add much more because there are so many different ways for yun to get in, but the only ones they usually attempt are the jump ins.

I did notice one thing. If you’re both air to air, Yun might try the jab XX fierce combo in the air, and if you parry the first hit I think you’ll have enough time to jab them out of the air and commence the cross up. Meaning you can dash under them and usually start your combo. If you don’t understand I’ll try to find a video showing it but I’m at work.

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hah… i played pretty horrible at FR and had a realization that I cant stand playing makoto anymore. i had been drifting away from her from months anyway. i feel like a total scrub playing her. I like ken because you uhh… actually know what you’re doing when you’re playing… you can be a lot more patient and zone a hell of a lot better with him to. it sounds cliche but you really do have to guess a lot with Makoto and its hard to be consistent with her because of that imo. the more I play CVS2 I really want to play more deliberately instead of randomly.

Things you can punish with a hayate with makoto, you can strait up punish with a super with ken. Its just frustrating working to get in, and all you get is a 50/50 mix up.

I think she appeals to a lot of newer 3s players because from the outside it looks like she is really tearing shit up, but in most cases she is winning just becuase the opponent didnt jump away or block low or something stupid like that. I dunno, shes a stupid character.

also, low forward into super is just too damn good. :chat:

Some Yuns will do dive kick, into another dive kick (to bait out a throw). I think close fierce stops this (catches twins on the way up). So keep an eye out for repeated dive kicks.

Don’t be afraid of wake up EX dragon kicks from Yun unless you know he’s getting desperate. That’s the only time a worth while Yun will use that move. Just try to keep him on his back and get a good high, low, throw mix up game.

Yang is a little different. SAII is a pretty bad super, but Yang can afford to burn meter more than Yun. So wake up SAII is still a desperation maneuver, it’ll probably come up more often than Yun’s EX dragon kicks. That said, 9 times out of 10, Yang probably won’t wake up with a SAII considering that he’ll need to fill that bar to begin with.

Additionally, work on parrying overhead on reaction and crouch teching. I find myself in the corner under mantis slash pressure. The easiest thing for Yang to do at this point is Mantis Slash, and low forward Mantis Slash. So you can just block low to avoid these. Eventually Yang will probably get frustrated or impatient and either try to walk up throw, or over head (possibly into Mantis Slashes). If you see the walk up, crouch tech. If you’re lucky, you’ll either punch Yang out of his walk/throw attempt, or tech a normal throw. I don’t know if you can tech his command throw this way. If you see the over head, parry into low forward, mp srk, SAIII or something beefy.

As stated before: You can throw him even if he is using his SAII on wakeup so when he is getting more and more desperate just bring some throws in. But watch out for his jabs since if he jabs a throw attempt iyou gonna eat the Ex Mantis.

I don’t know if I would trust meaty throw to beat out wake up SAII, but then again I don’t really play Ken. Probably a good option if you’re high on life, though. Getting Yang to burn his meter is always good, and with high life, you’ll have room to pay back the favor if you get hit.

Well ‘trust’ hmm… the point is when Yang is knocked down you usually do something. You can’t predict a wakeup super and allowing him to get back on his feet and out of the corner is the worse option in my opinion so just increase the rate of your throws (since Ken’s throwing game isn’t too shabby). Even if he is doing the Ex Rollkick you will throw him. Yang sucks when cornered…

That’s a good point. But just because you have Yang in the corner doesn’t mean you have to be super rush down Ken. You could block/delay attack in addition to the throws, but I see what you mean. I’m just not a big fan of Ken’s throw game, or of always pressing the advantage.

If you’re expecting to consistently throw Yang when you knock him down in the corner, you’re mistaken. Stand strong/crouch short -> ex slashes are both tools that will fuck you up if you try spamming throws. Even if you option a parry before hand, it’s 50/50 since I can go either high or low. Or jump. Or tech. Or if you don’t option a parry I’ll just jab xx ex. Compared to Yun, Yang has better wakeup options.

Also who the hell would try to throw wakeup SA2 as a tactic? I mash wakeup super for the hell of it in casuals and more often than not I’ll win out vs people who are trying to throw. If I know he’s going for a throw, I will burn an entire sa2 bar and try my luck with that. Who cares anyways, Yang is the best meter builder in the entire game, by far.

Side note: If you’re just going to sit there and be determined to block my attacks and only react to 1)overheads or 2) walking up, I will 1) continue building huge amounts of bar 2) walk forward, stop, and punish any whiff I see, or 3) walk forward -> low parry -> ex you. Obviously things aren’t as neat and trim as what I just mentioned, but being completely defensive against either twin is a mistake. Edit: Also, you can’t tech command throws.

Haunts: if you’re going to play Ken against the twins, you can -generally- try to dp them after taking/blocking a short divekick. Many people like to jump up, and a lot of those people don’t parry because they’re just thinking about divekicking again. Granted, if it’s a Yun with a good amount of bar, he can always just high parry -> kill you, but then again you’re not always going to do that.

Divekicks can be beaten with jump back rh. Throwing a twin with forward throw and dashing up after them is a no-no. IIRC [just like ken], they can quick recover and throw you while you’re still dashing. Low rh isn’t safe, but just do it smarter than most people and you generally won’t die for it unless the other guy is alert.

Learn to red parry 123, if you can [like me, hee hee] it usually forces yuns to activate from further away, burning up their bar [which may be a bad thing if he actually connects, fat damage and fat meter return]. Currently I’m in the process [or was, goddamn ggac] of learning how to red parry the 2, of 123. Which is dangerous and unneeded but…

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